Life is Strange – playlist

I can’t believe I forgot to mention one of my favorite things about Life is Strange -the soundtrack! This is the kind of music I like, to the point where I even already knew some of the songs. I loved hearing the familiar ones and also finding new songs to like. Here is a playlist of them I found on 8tracks. Enjoy!

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Life is Strange

This post will contain spoilers.

I think this is the first time I’ve played a game within the same year it came out! After hearing so much about it, I just had to play it. I was not disappointed.

Life is Strange is about a girl in her senior year of high school, studying photography. She returns to the town where she grew up to study at the school there and develops a power to go back in time. She also reconnects with her childhood friend Chloe, who she didn’t talk to at all while she was living in Seattle.


Life is Strange is an episodic point and click/RPG game. This was my first experience with either type of game. I’m glad I waited to play it all until all the episodes were out; I can only imagine how hard it must have been to get to a cliffhanger at the end of the episode and have to wait for the next one to come out. And there were some incredibly suspenseful cliffhangers!


I quite liked the episodic aspect of the game; they lasted about as long as my play session usually go which is between 2 and 3 hours. The dialog option layout was also quite familiar; it was just like the Mass Effect series. I loved the role-playing part of the game.

However I was not such a fan of the point and click. While I think it was well done and the thoughts of Max, the protagonist, sounded very natural as you explore her world, I guess I would have preferred more action. The world was very fun to explore. In my opinion, the places you could go were very nice to look at. The only times there was more action it was stealth-based. At least if you were caught you could rewind time and just try again, so it wasn’t too hard. I just don’t think that stealth games are really my thing.

Like I said, I had never really played a point and click game before so the controls took me a little to get used to, but I finally got used to them. I managed to get my PC to work with an XBox controller, and I much preferred using that over mouse and keyboard with this game.



The RPG aspect pretty much made up for my ambivalence towards the point and click and stealth parts of the game. Just because of the rewind function, you could go back in time to try another option if you felt you said the wrong thing. There were some really tough choices to make too! I love making those choices, and it’s fun to discuss with other people what they chose and why.

By far my favorite part was the story. There were twists and turns I never saw coming. I highly recommend this game, but I will warn you that you will cry. I thought I’d be fine and would be well prepared to deal with it, but I wasn’t. While it hurt, it was still amazing and I had to make one of the hardest choices I’ve ever had to make in a game.


I also loved the fact that you could have Chloe and Max be a couple. They were so cute together and it’s nice to see for a change.

Thanks for reading!

Mass Effect 3 Masterpost

Happy N7 day everyone! I realized I never put together a masterpost of all my Mass Effect 3 posts and today is the perfect day to do so. Even though I finished the trilogy almost a month ago now, I still love it and I really miss playing it. It was such a fantastic game, probably my favorite that I’ve played so far.

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