Mass Effect 3: Tuchanka

This post will contain spoilers.

I finished up the last mission I had left on Tuchanka. I had to get Eve to the Shroud so that a cure for the krogan genophage could be spread to all krogan on Tuchanka. It didn’t sound like it was going to be easy, and it wasn’t. I definitely died the most times of any session I’ve played so far. Fortunately no one was watching or I would have felt very self-conscious! I’ve also noticed that when I stream, the video sometimes jerks a lot. I hope I can figure out why and solve the problem, because it isn’t fun to see when I play back the video and I’m sure it’s not fun for anyone watching me stream either.

Before starting the mission, the salarian dalatrass called me to tell me not to bother with the cure. The Shroud had been sabotaged so spreading a cure that way wouldn’t work. We could still try so that I would appear to keep my promise to Wrex and in return I would have lots of salarians to work on the Crucible. I was tempted for about a second, but I felt I needed to keep my promise to Wrex, and I also didn’t want to be responsible for the extinction of an entire species of aliens. I also couldn’t let Mordin think he had failed.

To get to the Shroud, we had to get by a reaper! This was the first one I had fought or seen up close. It was quite intimidating. We came up with a plan to fight it: we would lure Kalros, the mother of all thresher maw, to attack the reaper. I had to get by the reaper to activate the hammers that would call Kalros over to the reaper. This seems to be pulled directly from the classic science fiction novel Dune, which features giant sand worms that are attracted to rhythmic sounds. Kalros took out the reaper, and it was awesome!

After that awesome bit, the game hit me right in the feels. Mordin had to sacrifice himself to cure the krogan. It was hard to see him do it, but he felt he needed to cure the krogan. I was legitimately upset and needed to stop playing for a bit after that. I can only work to make his sacrifice worth it.

I continued to play, but I haven’t recapped it yet. I will work on that next, after I recover from watching Mordin’s sacrifice again!


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