Mass Effect 3: The Citadel II, Kai Leng, Saving the Council, and Thane

This post will contain spoilers.

For once, I had a lot of time to play this weekend! It was great. But Now I’m behind on these blog posts.

I returned to the Citadel, only to find that it was being attacked by Cerberus! The Council was in danger, because an assassin was going after them. His name is Kai Leng, and I hate him already.

He got away, but I beat him to the Council and saved them. However, this means that Udina is dead. I shot him when he pulled a gun on the asari councilor. It turns out he was behind the takeover. It’s too bad we can’t find out what he knows, or why he was working with Cerberus, but I was able to save the Councilors at least.

Part of my dislike for Kai Leng is the fact that he stabbed Thane. While Thane was getting close to dying anyway, Kai Leng’s attack on him made his death come sooner. Once again, I was very sad after his death. At least I had a chance to say goodbye unlike with Mordin, but at least Mordin’s death was for a reason. Thane’s death was just because he was already sick and the injury was just too much. This game really doesn’t let up with the emotional stuff. I love it but it makes me cry!


Mass Effect 3: The Rachni and From Ashes DLC

This post will contain spoilers.

After the mission on the Shroud, Liara wanted to talk to me. She is making a time capsule and there is information on me in it. It was really a very sweet moment.

Next I went and investigated the rachni. Some krogan scouts had gone missing, and there were rumors that rachni were involved. Once I got there, I found Grunt leading a company of krogan! It was nice to see him again.

We had to go try to find the central nest of rachni and destroy them. Of course, we got separated from the krogan and had to find our way there. Reapers were involved, and were messing with the rachni. After a while we found the rachni queen, and I once again decided to set her free. She had promised in Mass Effect 1 to stay hidden, but it wasn’t her fault that the reapers had messed with her and her children. She may be able to help us too. At one point I thought that Grunt was going to die, and I was getting upset from having recently lost Mordin. But he ended up being fine!¬†Some of the forms the rachni came in reminded me a lot of the flood from from the Halo series. There were very small forms that jumped at you but died easily. They even came out of pods we popped.

I also played the From Ashes DLC. We went back to Eden Prime, and found a prothean life pod with a prothean inside! Cerberus is responsible, and is also trying to take over the planet. I had to fight a lot of them, but because I can understand the Prothean signals we were able to figure out how to open the stasis pod and wake up the prothean.

His name is Javik, and he is kind of a jerk. He still considers himself above the likes of humans, turians, and asari. I still feel bad for him because he is the last of his kind.

Next, I plan to go and rescue the Grissom Academy students.

Mass Effect 3: Tuchanka

This post will contain spoilers.

I finished up the last mission I had left on Tuchanka. I had to get Eve to the Shroud so that a cure for the krogan genophage could be spread to all krogan on Tuchanka. It didn’t sound like it was going to be easy, and it wasn’t. I definitely died the most times of any session I’ve played so far. Fortunately no one was watching or I would have felt very self-conscious! I’ve also noticed that when I stream, the video sometimes jerks a lot. I hope I can figure out why and solve the problem, because it isn’t fun to see when I play back the video and I’m sure it’s not fun for anyone watching me stream either.

Before starting the mission, the salarian dalatrass called me to tell me not to bother with the cure. The Shroud had been sabotaged so spreading a cure that way wouldn’t work. We could still try so that I would appear to keep my promise to Wrex and in return I would have lots of salarians to work on the Crucible. I was tempted for about a second, but I felt I needed to keep my promise to Wrex, and I also didn’t want to be responsible for the extinction of an entire species of aliens. I also couldn’t let Mordin think he had failed.

To get to the Shroud, we had to get by a reaper! This was the first one I had fought or seen up close. It was quite intimidating. We came up with a plan to fight it: we would lure Kalros, the mother of all thresher maw, to attack the reaper. I had to get by the reaper to activate the hammers that would call Kalros over to the reaper. This seems to be pulled directly from the classic science fiction novel Dune, which features giant sand worms that are attracted to rhythmic sounds. Kalros took out the reaper, and it was awesome!

After that awesome bit, the game hit me right in the feels. Mordin had to sacrifice himself to cure the krogan. It was hard to see him do it, but he felt he needed to cure the krogan. I was legitimately upset and needed to stop playing for a bit after that. I can only work to make his sacrifice worth it.

I continued to play, but I haven’t recapped it yet. I will work on that next, after I recover from watching Mordin’s sacrifice again!

Mass Effect 3: Tuchanka

This post will contain spoilers.

I had some more time to play, and I spent a bit of that finishing up everything I could on the Citadel. Eventually I ran out of things to do that I could complete without leaving the Citadel. Before I left, I ran into Diana Allers, who wants to run a show from the Normandy about the war effort against the reapers. I allowed her to come aboard because she made good points about how propaganda will help the war effort. I also ran into Miranda, who is once again worried about her sister. I’ve agreed to help her out.

I noticed I had a lot of missions to complete on Tuchanka, so I headed there next. First I went to help Primarch Victus’s son. He was stranded on Tuchanka with the turians he was leading. I helped save them from the reapers, and then found out what they were up to. Cerberus was trying to set off a bomb that the turians had left in a krogan population center back during the krogan rebellions. If that bomb went off, it would be next to impossible to keep the krogans and turians working together as allies. I stopped the bomb, but Primarch Victus’s son sacrificed himself to do it. At least the krogan and turian alliance is still intact. As you can see from the video, I got a scope for my pistol and I love the ability it gives me to be more accurate.

I also investigated a Cerberus stronghold that had been set up on Tuchanka. I took care of that, and now we have the advantage on Tuchanka against both Cerberus and the reapers.

Other people have told me that you play a politician more than a soldier in Mass Effect 3. I see what they mean; I have to make a lot of decisions and think about the political impacts. I’ve heard it as a criticism more than anything else, but I really don’t mind the change. It’s different but still fun.

I was quite glad I had that recorded, because I was playing after I had a long day at work and was quite tired. I was still playing fine, but afterwards couldn’t quite remember what I had done and why.

I’m not quite done on Tuchanka; I still need to escort Eve to the Shroud so the genophage cure can be spread to all the krogan on Tuchanka. I like Eve quite a lot, so I’m looking forward to this mission!

Mass Effect 3

This post will contain spoilers.

I finally had some time to play more Mass Effect this weekend, and streamed it on Twitch. I get a little nervous when I know people are watching me, but I just try to ignore it. I feel a little bad sometimes when I am just running around talking to people, but I’m not making them watch! If anyone finds it boring, they can stop. I’m not so much interested in having people watch me, but rather having the recorded gameplay that I can watch and improve by seeing what I’m doing right and what could be better.

First off, I visited a Cerberus lab and took back some Reaper artifacts that they were studying. It was a straightforward mission: get in, get the samples, and leave. I did it without too much trouble.

Next, I went to the diplomatic ship so that the salarians, turians, and krogans could meet. Guess who the krogan representative was? It was Wrex! It was nice to see him again. I am trying to get those three alien races to work together, but Wrex is demanding a cure for the genophage. As a result, we were sent to the salarian homeworld to try and get the cure, as well as some female krogan.

The salarians didn’t want us to land, but eventually we were let in. We went to go see the one surviving krogan, and guess who is working on a cure? It’s Mordin! I’m enjoying seeing all my old squad mates. The Normandy seems far too empty without them onboard to talk to.

After I met the female krogan, Cerberus attacks! They want to keep a cure from being made. We had to fight our way out while keeping her and Mordin safe. You can watch some gameplay here:

We made it out, and there will be a cure.

I took care of some other little side missions, mostly on the Citadel. I got more than I finished though, so I’ll probably stick around the Citadel for a while. I saw Kasumi again, so that was cool! I’ll continue my playthrough and update later. There was a lot of dialog and now I see what people mean when they say you become a politician in Mass Effect 3.

Mass Effect 3 and Streaming on Twitch

I will now be streaming my playthroughs on Twitch, and will have videos of my gameplay on this blog! My username on Twitch is Kayla_WL if anybody is interested in following me.

This post will contain spoilers for Mass Effect 3.

I started playing Mass Effect 3 this week. I’m very excited to continue the story from Mass Effect 2. While my character’s stats carried through, I was able to redesign my character a little bit and I also switched my class from vanguard to sentinel. While vanguard was a fun class, it doesn’t suit my play style as well as it could. I read through the descriptions more carefully this time, and chose sentinel. So far, sentinel has been a lot of fun to play. I am also now trying out normal difficulty instead of casual!

My first impressions of the game is that there is less of a difference between 2 and 3 than there was between 1 and 2. The game controls were the same as 2, which was nice because there was a change between 1 and 2 that made it confusing for me when I first started ME2. ME3 also seems a bit grimmer and darker than ME2 was. I’m not generally a fan of grittier and darker things, but it does seem appropriate in this case since now the Reapers are here!

There’s the addition of rolling between cover, and I love that! I can be a lot more mobile now, and since I’m playing as sentinel now I can use that when my tech armor is off. I still have the option to tank when I do have my tech armor now and I love having that option too! I feel I can use my ability to think quickly and switch tactics to its full advantage.

So far, I have escaped Earth and checked out the Mars archives. Liara is with me once again. I completed the Palaven mission, and reunited with Garrus! Hopefully now, the turians will be able to help fight the reapers. The whole point of the mission was to get the turian primarch to agree to help in the fight.

EDI also now has a body, and next time I play I plan to bring her along to see what she can do.

Here is some footage of my gameplay! I’ll be doing more detailed write ups in the future; this time I made the mistake of waiting for a while after I played to do this write up!

Mass Effect 2 DLC: Arrival

This post will contain spoilers.

Last night, I completed the last DLC for Mass Effect 2 that I had left. I was told it had a lot of plot relevant stuff and was almost necessary to play, which is annoying. But it was fun to play! I just think if it has that much plot relevant stuff, it should come with the game and not require another purchase. But I digress.

First, I had to go rescue Dr. Amanda Kenson, who is a deep undercover agent in batarian space. She had been arrested for suspicious activities. They were right to be suspicious, since she was gathering parts to guide an asteroid into the system’s mass effect relay. That would probably result in the destruction of the entire system. Admiral Hackett wanted me to go rescue her, so I did. She had important evidence that I could probably use that the Reapers were coming.


We talked about her evidence, and the fact that the Reapers were coming to this system to use the “Alpha Relay.” She had a Reaper artifact that was giving off pulses and counting down to when they would arrive. You can see the countdown when we first arrived at the base. Just a little over 2 days!


We went to go look at the Reaper artifact, which looked awesome.


However, there was a surprise twist. Turns out the Dr. Kenson had been indoctrinated by the Reapers, and actually wanted them to come! She turned her guards against me, and I went down. At first I thought I’d see the “critical mission failure” screen, but then I woke back up. I’d been taken to the medical bay and kept sedated for almost 2 days! That meant the Reapers were almost upon us!

I took control of a LOKI mech for a bit to fight my way out, then I could get to my armor and weapons and fight myself. I needed to get to the controls to guide the base and the asteroid where it was located into the mass effect relay. There was a lot of fighting through guards.

Eventually I made it Dr. Kenson.


I ended up shooting her and keeping her from blowing up the entire base. She would rather do that than blow up the mass effect relay, because she wanted the Reapers to come! Then I had to get off the asteroid, quick. I had to find somewhere to message the Normandy and a place they could pick me up.

After more fighting, I managed to message the Normandy. But I ran into Harbinger!



I then got picked up by the Normandy. We used the mass effect relay right before the asteroid crashed into it and destroyed the whole system, along with all hundreds of thousands of batarians. I was debriefed by Admiral Hackett, who wanted to know how I went from rescuing Dr. Amanda Kenson to destroying an entire system. That’s a really good question. After I explained he assured me I did the right thing, but that was still a large price to pay and who am I to decide that?


That was heavy, but good. I’ve been told it sets the tone well for Mass Effect 3. I’m going to be starting that soon, and I hope I can handle all the feels!