Mass Effect 3: The Rachni and From Ashes DLC

This post will contain spoilers.

After the mission on the Shroud, Liara wanted to talk to me. She is making a time capsule and there is information on me in it. It was really a very sweet moment.

Next I went and investigated the rachni. Some krogan scouts had gone missing, and there were rumors that rachni were involved. Once I got there, I found Grunt leading a company of krogan! It was nice to see him again.

We had to go try to find the central nest of rachni and destroy them. Of course, we got separated from the krogan and had to find our way there. Reapers were involved, and were messing with the rachni. After a while we found the rachni queen, and I once again decided to set her free. She had promised in Mass Effect 1 to stay hidden, but it wasn’t her fault that the reapers had messed with her and her children. She may be able to help us too. At one point I thought that Grunt was going to die, and I was getting upset from having recently lost Mordin. But he ended up being fine! Some of the forms the rachni came in reminded me a lot of the flood from from the Halo series. There were very small forms that jumped at you but died easily. They even came out of pods we popped.

I also played the From Ashes DLC. We went back to Eden Prime, and found a prothean life pod with a prothean inside! Cerberus is responsible, and is also trying to take over the planet. I had to fight a lot of them, but because I can understand the Prothean signals we were able to figure out how to open the stasis pod and wake up the prothean.

His name is Javik, and he is kind of a jerk. He still considers himself above the likes of humans, turians, and asari. I still feel bad for him because he is the last of his kind.

Next, I plan to go and rescue the Grissom Academy students.


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