Mass Effect 3 and Streaming on Twitch

I will now be streaming my playthroughs on Twitch, and will have videos of my gameplay on this blog! My username on Twitch is Kayla_WL if anybody is interested in following me.

This post will contain spoilers for Mass Effect 3.

I started playing Mass Effect 3 this week. I’m very excited to continue the story from Mass Effect 2. While my character’s stats carried through, I was able to redesign my character a little bit and I also switched my class from vanguard to sentinel. While vanguard was a fun class, it doesn’t suit my play style as well as it could. I read through the descriptions more carefully this time, and chose sentinel. So far, sentinel has been a lot of fun to play. I am also now trying out normal difficulty instead of casual!

My first impressions of the game is that there is less of a difference between 2 and 3 than there was between 1 and 2. The game controls were the same as 2, which was nice because there was a change between 1 and 2 that made it confusing for me when I first started ME2. ME3 also seems a bit grimmer and darker than ME2 was. I’m not generally a fan of grittier and darker things, but it does seem appropriate in this case since now the Reapers are here!

There’s the addition of rolling between cover, and I love that! I can be a lot more mobile now, and since I’m playing as sentinel now I can use that when my tech armor is off. I still have the option to tank when I do have my tech armor now and I love having that option too! I feel I can use my ability to think quickly and switch tactics to its full advantage.

So far, I have escaped Earth and checked out the Mars archives. Liara is with me once again. I completed the Palaven mission, and reunited with Garrus! Hopefully now, the turians will be able to help fight the reapers. The whole point of the mission was to get the turian primarch to agree to help in the fight.

EDI also now has a body, and next time I play I plan to bring her along to see what she can do.

Here is some footage of my gameplay! I’ll be doing more detailed write ups in the future; this time I made the mistake of waiting for a while after I played to do this write up!


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