Mass Effect 3: Omega DLC

This post will contain spoilers.

I completed my playthrough of the of Omega DLC. The goal is to help Aria T’Loak to retake Omega from Cerberus.

It was pretty straightforward. We had to dock at Omega and join up with some mercenaries who were still putting up a resistance on Omega.

We got to meet a female turian, which was cool. Apparently the female turians have voices just as nice as the male ones. Sadly, she ended up sacrificing herself for Aria and me. This caused Aria to rush in to attack Petrovsky, the leader of Cerberus on Omega. She ran right into a trap, and it was up to me to save her. It got pretty hard, and I almost ran out of time. There were just so many troops coming at me and I was all alone.

I enjoyed this one more than I liked Leviathan, but I still feel like I paid a little too much for it. With all the DLC I bought, I actually spent more on DLC than I did on the entire Mass Effect 3 game. Oh well, I am always happy to play more ME3 because it’s just so much fun.

Next I will be playing The Citadel.


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