Mass Effect 3: The Citadel II, Kai Leng, Saving the Council, and Thane

This post will contain spoilers.

For once, I had a lot of time to play this weekend! It was great. But Now I’m behind on these blog posts.

I returned to the Citadel, only to find that it was being attacked by Cerberus! The Council was in danger, because an assassin was going after them. His name is Kai Leng, and I hate him already.

He got away, but I beat him to the Council and saved them. However, this means that Udina is dead. I shot him when he pulled a gun on the asari councilor. It turns out he was behind the takeover. It’s too bad we can’t find out what he knows, or why he was working with Cerberus, but I was able to save the Councilors at least.

Part of my dislike for Kai Leng is the fact that he stabbed Thane. While Thane was getting close to dying anyway, Kai Leng’s attack on him made his death come sooner. Once again, I was very sad after his death. At least I had a chance to say goodbye unlike with Mordin, but at least Mordin’s death was for a reason. Thane’s death was just because he was already sick and the injury was just too much. This game really doesn’t let up with the emotional stuff. I love it but it makes me cry!


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