Mass Effect 3: Ardat-Yakshi Monastery and Squad Bonding

This post will contain spoilers.

I went and solved the problem at the Ardat-Yakshi monastery. Samara was there, because two of her daughters are there. One of her daughters was fine, but the other didn’t make it. It was too later for her; the reapers had already started to turn her into a banshee. I loved the design of the banshees. They are awesome and creepy in perfect balance. Once again however, I was almost in tears because of the whole sisters thing. I’ve got four sisters myself, and would be absolutely distraught if anything bad happened to any of them. I also kept Samara from killing herself.

After that, I went and ran around the map finding everything I could that people in the Citadel wanted. It’s funny that someone as important as Shepard would have the time and inclination to run around finding all these things for people, but it was fun. After that, there was lots of bonding with various members of my squad.

I’d always had a soft spot for Liara, but wasn’t sure if I could romance her now because I didn’t romance her in ME1. Turns out I could!

Right after that, I went to talk to Kaidan. I was worried he’d be all mopey because the last time we talked he didn’t seem to be over me, but now he suddenly is! I am quite relieved.

James decided to join the N7 program, so he is getting a tattoo! This is honestly something I’ve considered doing in real life, because this game has been so good for me in healing myself and growing as a person. Still on the fence about it, but I loved this scene.

And last but not least, Garrus challenged me to a shooting competition! I didn’t let him win; it seemed too condescending and I don’t like to downplay my abilities just to protect someone else’s ego!

I already thought the ME series did a great job making characters, but it’s even better in ME3. Everyone seems to have even more personality, and I love to see them move around and talk to each other on the Normandy. They seem to have more of a life outside of what I see.


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