Dragon Age DLC: Lelianna’s Song

This post will contain spoilers!

I apologize for the lack of posts but I was busy celebrating Thanksgiving this week.

While I did finish playing Dragon Age about a week ago, I really loved it and I don’t want to be done with it. I bought several of the DLCs and I plan to play through these and share my thoughts on them!

I bought and played through Lelianna’s Song this week. I liked Lelianna in the main game, but unfortunately she was not often part of my party. My PC was a rogue, and I didn’t need two rogues. This was the perfect opportunity to learn more about Lelianna. In the main game, I always got the impression that Lelianna was all sweetness and light. In her DLC, I quickly found that she was not always this way. I did know she was involved in some Orlesian intrigue, but I thought it was some game that had gone a little too far and got her in trouble rather than treason to her native country! I was surprised at how rough her background was and how much she changed by the time I met her. I love characters with complex backgrounds.

While I enjoyed playing as Lelianna and learning more about her, the DLC was very short. Even though it was short, it told a very interesting story (although there were still some gaps in it) and there were some very tough fights. I had a lot of fun playing it.

Next, I’m planning to return as my PC to play Witch Hunt. I wonder if I’ll find out what our child is like!


Dragon Age, part 10

Big news today! I finished Dragon Age last night. I was too tired to update last night though, so you get an update now!

I guess I was already pretty close to finishing the game after the last time I stopped playing, but I didn’t know that. I had one more battle that wasn’t too hard, then I was in Fort Drakon.

I had to fight my way through Fort Drakon, and there were a couple of difficult fights. The hardest was against the Genlock Conjurer. It took me a couple of tries, but I finally figured out that I should kill the Shades first and then the Conjurer. I originally tried to take out the Conjurer first, but since it kept switching places with the Shades that was very difficult. When I took all the Shades out first, the Conjurer was then easy to take out.

Then I was finally at the roof, facing the Archdemon. I knew this was going to be a difficult battle. At least the game was nice enough to give me lots of Health Poultices and Lyrium Potions before this fight. The fight was even harder because my party is not focused on range weapons. It took me about 2 hours of trying, but I finally defeated the Archdemon by using the ballistas on it and calling in the Dalish elves to inflict constant damage from range. Morrigan focused on trying to hold the Archdemon still, Wynne on healing everyone, and Alistair stuck by me to protect me from the waves of additional enemies that came in while I used the ballista. By the end, most of the elves and my party were down, but we were able to finish it!

I’m happy I finished the game, but I’m sad it’s over too. I got that same feeling as when I finish a book a really love. I’m glad to see what happened in the end, which was mostly happy but there were some choices I wish I’d made a little differently. For one, the Ashes of Andraste ended up getting lost because I didn’t fight the dragon on the mountain where the ashes were.

I’m now planning to play as much DLC as I can, because I don’t want to done with this world and these characters yet. Lelianna’s Song is the first one on my list.

Pokemon Black, part 13

I haven’t posted about Pokemon Black version for a while, but I have still been playing it! Since my last post on it, I have been grinding to get my Pokemon up to level. Thank goodness they added in the Nimbasa sports arenas, because I just kept going there and battling people over and over again. Finally this morning, I got all of my Pokemon to where I wanted them as well as lots of free items for healing my Pokemon!

My Pokemon and their levels!
My Pokemon and their levels!

I then took on Cynthia and finally beat her, but it was a tough battle! Fortunately all my grinding paid off and I was well prepared.

After that, I finally went back to battle the Elite Four. The higher levels definitely showed, because the battles were much easier this time. Then at last, I got to face Alder. Once again, my team was well prepared for the challenge and beat him. It was still a difficult battle, but a little easier than the battle against Cynthia. It’s hard to say which of my Pokemon was the MVP against Alder. Every single one of them was needed, and I know it probably sounds silly to say this but I’m so proud of them! I am a bit surprised that I beat the Elite Four just now, because I kind of decided to go try on a whim and didn’t stock up on healing supplies. Fortunately I had enough with me! I’m excited to see what will happen in the post-game.

Dragon Age, part 9

Spoilers for Dragon Age: Origins ahead!

I got to play a little more Dragon Age today, but I don’t have much to update. The Final Onslaught is just continuing. I only had a couple of hours to play and since fights are getting tough I’d have to try them at least twice before I could beat most of them. As of now, I have tracked down and defeated the two Darkspawn Generals. They weren’t too hard to beat once I learned what kind of attacks they had and how to counter them. My party is still the usual: Alistair, Wynne, and Morrigan.

I have also begun the fight to get to Fort Drakon. I have already needed to call in some troops, and I hope I’m not using them up too fast. The end is coming up so quickly! The next step is to get to the top of Fort Drakon and defeat the Archdemon. If you’ve got any tips for fighting the Archdemon, I’d love to hear them!

Once I finally finish the main game, I plan on continuing to update things about the post-game and any DLC that I’ll play. Thanks for reading!

Dragon Age, part 8

This post will contain spoilers.

I confronted Loghain and because I had gotten so many people on my side, Alistair is to become the king. He and Anora are supposed to get married. I feel bad that they don’t want to, but I think it’s the best way to keep the peace. The battle against Loghain was difficult, because I didn’t want to use Alistair, Morrigan, or Wynne and my player character is a rogue. It took me 3 tries, which was very annoying because the game saves right before all the dialog about who is siding with who so I had to keep going through that before I could try dueling Loghain again. I finally beat him when I had enough time to summon my great bear. It didn’t seem particularly honorable, but it’s what I had to do. I then chose to kill Loghain, because I didn’t want to lose Alistair and I don’t really care if Anora likes me or not. It is deeply messed up though that I had to kill him in front of his daughter.

I did a brief sidequest for Wynne to find her old student who ran away from her when she was too harsh on him. She likes me more now, and confessed to me that she is actually dead and is only being kept alive with the help of a benevolent spirit from the Fade! She is really a very fascinating character.

Morrigan is also very interesting. I was finally told what happens to Grey Wardens when they slay the Archdemon. The night before I started the battle in Denerim, she came to me and told me there is a way to make sure no one dies. She told me if I got her pregnant, they Archdemon’s essence would become part of that baby and it would grow into an Old God or something. No one would have to die. Even though the whole thing made me deeply uncomfortable, I went with it. The scene was hilarious. My PC had the glow that happens when he’s using the Song of Courage, and my partner and I were joking about how of course you would need that to be brave enough to have sex with Morrigan. I find her a fascinating character too, but not very likeable.

I then started battling in Denerim. At this point, many of my party members can take out enemies in one hit which is quite satisfying! I stopped playing a little way into the battle. My next step is to track down the Archdemon’s generals and take them out. I’m looking forward to it!

Dragon Age, part 7

This post may contain spoilers. This is also going to be a long post, because a lot happened in the game!

I first spent some time finishing up quests. I started in the Brecilian Forest by killing all the revenants. I had killed one way earlier in the game but it was tough. Now it was easy! The loot was good; I got a complete set of Juggernaut armor set that Morrigan is now wearing.

I then spent a long time organizing inventory and making sure everyone had the best equipment available. I spent about 3 hours on Saturday trying to do that. The inventory system is one thing I really do not like about this game. I did get the Soldier’s Peak DLC so at least I have that as a storage option, but having to travel to it all the time is annoying and also kind of ruins the sense of urgency for me. I spent so much time just traveling between places, the darkspawn should have won already! I also spent a long time traveling all over looking for health poultices. I probably use too many because it seems I have cleared them out from many stores!

On Sunday, I finally started the end of the game. So much happened in such a short amount of time! I played for about 4 hours, and finished something like 10 quests in that time. A lot of them were very short ones with just one or two steps that happened while I was finishing more major quests.

The major quests I did were all in Denerim. I completed the quest to rescue Anora from Arl Howe and freed many people from his dungeons, but Alistair and I got captured in the process. I chose Morrigan and Wynne to come and save them. I chose them because they are the other two members of my usual party, and the fact that they are both women was convenient because they were in disguise as members of the Chantry and were able to bluff their way in for a while. I didn’t realize that they would go in disguise, but it worked. Eventually they did have to fight, but it wasn’t too hard. Alistair and I were then saved and Anora has sided with us. I’m trying to convince her and Alistair to get married. I feel bad because it seems they don’t want to, but it seems to me like the best way to keep the peace.

Next I went to the Alienage and figured out why the elves were disappearing. I completed that quest, along with a couple of side quests. The elves were being taken away to be sold as slaves in Tevinter! My PC is an elf himself, and I imagine he was not happy about that. I wasn’t either, and ended up killing Caladrius, the man in charge of taking the elves and freeing those who had not yet been taken to Tevinter. It took me a couple of tries to beat him, and now my stats say he is my most powerful enemy slain. I didn’t think it was that hard of a fight! It did get my PC to level 20 though. We also have evidence now that Caldrius was working with Loghain, which makes Loghain look pretty bad.

The next step is for me to attend the Landsmeet! I’ll update after that. Thanks for reading!

Animal Crossing: Wild World, part 2

I don’t want to update on this game very often, because I don’t think it’s too exciting to have an update like “I payed off my mortgage!” But I haven’t had a chance to play much Dragon Age this week (hopefully that will change this weekend) and I’ve been a little burnt out on Pokemon Black. The only game I’ve been playing much this week is this one.

I have paid off two mortgages and have a 3 story house now! I finally got some coconut trees growing too. I also wanted to share some pictures of how I’ve decorated it.

First floor
First floor
Second floor
Second floor