Mass Effect 2, part 12

This post will contain spoilers.

I had a lot of time to play this weekend, and I enjoyed it a lot! I continued to explore planets, get resources, and upgrade everything I could. I also shut down a rogue VI in short assignment I came across. The mission reminded me of Portal, which was cool! Portal and Portal 2 were the first two games I really played and enjoyed. They made me realize that I wanted to play more games.


I also finally recruited Tali. There were lots of Geth to fight through, and since I was in a fighting mood I had a lot of fun. As I was getting near to where she was hiding from the Geth, I found a journal entry she made. In it, she stated that she found this area to be beautiful and that she wished I was there with her to see it. I thought that was so sweet!

I also found the one remaining quarian who was still protecting her. I made sure he stayed safe and survived the mission, earning me some more paragon points. I have kept up my mostly paragon and occasionally renegade attitude. As I explained to a friend, it’s helping me in real life because although I’m mostly nice, sometimes I need to be a little less nice. I don’t let people walk all over me as much as I used to.

I thought his armor looked really cool.
I thought his armor looked really cool.

Obviously I managed to save Tali and she joined my team. It’s nice to have her back. I have already brought her with me and she’s been very useful. She works well with my vanguard Shepard. She came with me on Garrus’s loyalty mission, which I have also completed but will write about in a separate post.

Here are my current stats.



Mass Effect 2, part 11

This post will contain spoilers.

Last time I said I was going to try to recruit Tali to my team. That ended up not happening because I wasn’t feeling up to doing a bigger mission. Instead, I looked at how few upgrades I have gotten and decided to work on that.

I hadn’t spent much time exploring planets and looking for minerals, and now that I understand the system better I don’t know why I put it off. At first I didn’t like it because it was different from the system in the first game. I spent some time just figuring it out, and I enjoy it a lot more now. It seemed way more complex in the first game, but once I got the hang of it, scanning for minerals was a lot easier.

I found a lot of palladium, iridium, and platinum, so I could do a lot of upgrades. Element zero remains difficult to find, so I couldn’t do any biotic upgrades. As you can see in the featured image, I really need more element zero especially because I would like to improve my own biotic powers. I’ll just have to keep exploring and looking.

All the exploring also made me find some anomalies. I completed a few of these little missions. It was perfect for right now, when I wasn’t feeling like doing longer missions. I found some cool places, like this very foggy planet where I had to activate beams of light to guide me. I uncovered mining there, and evidence that it was being sent to Omega where the Blood Pack was planning something big.


I also found a planet where I had to reactivate solar shields for a colony. This one was odd, because I was completely alone to do it! I was jumpy the whole time, expecting an ambush of some kind, but I only found a very simple puzzle. I took a screenshot of the shields going back up though, because I thought they looked really cool.


Hopefully I will have a more exciting post next time. Thanks for reading!

Mass Effect 2, part 10

This post will contain spoilers!

I was planning to play a short session today and finish up my business on Tuchanka. I still had Mordin’s loyalty quest to do. Since I already finished Grunt’s loyalty mission, walking around Tuchanka was fun because I would hear all the krogan gossiping about us and how we took down the thresher maw.

The lovely planet of Tuchanka.
The lovely planet of Tuchanka.

I started Mordin’s mission and finished it pretty quickly. There were some hard decisions to make though. I kept Mordin from killing his former student, but I encouraged him to take the data on curing the krogan’s genophage. Even though the data was obtained through bad ways, that doesn’t mean it won’t be useful somehow. It already happened, so at least maybe some good might come from it. I didn’t tell Mordin to use it, but in case we decide to use it we’ll have it. I’m not sure what will happen if we do cure the krogan, but it also seems wrong to let them die off. This is a really tough decision!

Mordin's former student, Maelon. We thought we had to rescue him from some krogan, but he was helping them willingly.
Mordin’s former student, Maelon. We thought we had to rescue him from some krogan, but he was helping them willingly.

After Mordin’s mission, I returned to the Normandy where I’m told that the Illusive Man wants to talk to me. I was thinking it would just be a short debriefing, but instead I ended up doing another whole mission. Who needs to sleep anyway?

We were sent to a supposedly abandoned Collector ship. I brought Mordin and Garrus with me. The ship was so creepy! Everything looked kind of organic and insect-like. It reminded me of some parts of Dragon Age, except to me Dragon Age looked even worse with the lumps of slimy flesh-like tumors.


I was so jumpy and expecting enemies at every turn. Along the way, we figured out that the Collectors used to be Protheans that the Collectors had enslaved and modified! I finally ran into some enemies when we made it to the center of the ship and connected the Normandy to the Collector ship. It was a trap! Finally some enemies showed up, including the Harbinger. We took them all out pretty easily, but we still had to make it back to the Normandy.

There were more fights along the way, which mostly weren’t too bad. I had to try twice to get past when a Praetorian showed up. I hate those things so much!

At last we made it back to the ship, and I confronted the Illusive Man. As much as I dislike the guy, he seems to know what he’s doing. I will keep working with him for now, because otherwise I don’t see how I could do anything about the Collectors.

Now I’m being told I have to find the IFF relay, but I’m holding off on that for now. I still need to recruit Tali and someone else I don’t know about yet. Next time, I plan to go and recruit Tali as well as complete loyalty missions for Thane, Samara, Jacob, Jack, and Garrus. Wow, that actually sounds like a lot! I was feeling like I was getting close to the end of the game, but there’s still a lot for me to do. I guess those will make up the next several parts of my Mass Effect 2 posts.

The team so far.
The team so far.

Also, here are my current stats.


Mass Effect 2, part 9

This post will contain spoilers.

I finally got to play some more Mass Effect 2! Like I was hoping to do, I made it to Tuchanka. I completed the mission to help Grunt. It was a fun mission. I got to talk a lot, which is what I felt like at first. Then at about the same time I started feeling like shooting things, that’s exactly what I got to do!

Tuchanka was not a very pleasant place, and filled with many not so pleasant Krogan. I helped them defend their food stores from pyjacks in a silly, fun minigame and talked to many of the Krogan. I also got to talk to Wrex! He’s got his own clan now, and is leaving Krogan traditions. This is obviously upsetting some of his clan members.


We went to go talk to the shaman of the clan so that Grunt could complete his rite of passage. This was another thing which caused a stir, because Grunt was artificially created. I’ll never understand why artificial is always considered bad and natural is considered good. I see this all the time in real life too. Shoes are artificial, but are clearly a good thing. Diseases are natural but are clearly bad things. I was going to make sure that Grunt would be allowed to complete his rite, because there is nothing bad about him being artificial. Because I was so annoyed about the artificial vs. natural thing, I took the renegade option and headbutted the Krogan who was against it to show my dominance. That was hilarious and I would do it every time! He was being a huge jerk.


I took Samara along to help Grunt and me. She and Grunt work well together, with her holding enemies and Grunt shooting them. We had to survive several waves of enemies of increasing difficulties. The final one required us to survive attacks by an armored thresher maw for five minutes. That was stressful! It was hard to find cover, and when I did the thresher maw would just pop up somewhere else and attack me or destroy my cover. We were attacking it the whole time, and brought it down before the five minutes were up so the rite ended early. The jerk from before was impressed, but still upset about Grunt being “artificial” and he attacked us. We brought him down and Grunt was welcomed into the Urdnot clan. Everyone else was very pleased about us bringing down the thresher maw!

Grunt trusts me now, and has the extra ability unlocked. Next time I play, I plan on finishing the other couple of missions on Tuchanka, including a mission for Mordin. I’m looking forward to it!

Pokemon Soul Silver, part 9

This post will contain spoilers.

I thought I was going to go challenge the dragon type gym, so I tried to get to Blackthorn City. I was hoping to train up my Pokemon on the way too. However, there is a man in the way who wouldn’t let me through!

I had no idea where to go next, so I ended up looking it up. As much as I don’t like to do that, I also wanted to move on in the game. I found out I was supposed to go back to the Radio Tower in Goldenrod City and take on Team Rocket!

I headed over to Goldenrod City, and infiltrated the Radio Tower in a Team Rocket uniform. I was recognized though, and had to fight lots of Team Rocket members to make it to the top. I got some great training in, and all of my Pokemon are now levels 35 or 36. I’d like to level them a little more before heading to the Blackthorn City gym.

I made it to the top of the Radio Tower and found out where they were keeping the Director. I had to fight some more battles, then found him and got him back to the tower. Team Rocket left the tower and once again I’m a hero.

Next time, I hope to take on the dragon gym after I level up my Pokemon a couple more levels!

This following week I also hope I’ll have some time to play Mass Effect 2 and update my progress there.

Quick Update

I have been so busy this week that I have not had time to play many games! I had some family visiting as well as a lot more hours at work, and now I’m housesitting without an internet connection. Hopefully I will have some time later this weekend to play some games and post about it!

Pokemon Soul Silver, part 8

This post will contain spoilers!

Since I just beat the steel type gym in Olivine City, I went to Mahogany Town to beat the ice gym. My Pokemon were already to level, and a lot of them are effective against ice types. However, when I got there the entrance to the gym was blocked and they kept telling me about an unusual Gyrados in the Lake of Rage to the north.

I headed north and found the shiny red Gyrados. I caught it really easily, which was kind of surprising. My Ampharos faced the Gyrados, knocked its HP to yellow, and paralyzed it. Then I caught it using a single Ultra Ball!

Then Lance showed up, and I helped him clear out the Team Rocket hideout. It was pretty easy. I think I was supposed to do it earlier, because all their Pokemon were levels 16-24 while mine were all in the early 30s!

Then finally I could take on the ice gym. It was easy, although I was expecting my Ponyta to be the MVP against the ice types. However, most of the Pokemon we fought were actually water types, just with ice type moves. Ampharos ended up being the MVP instead, which is why she is level 35 while everyone else is 32 or 33. Next, I’ll have to train everyone up and get ready to take on the dragon type gym in Blackthorn City!