BioShock 2

I finished BioShock 2 this week! It was so much fun to play and I didn’t realize how quickly I was getting through it. While the controls seemed super complicated at first, once I got used to it it was so much fun being able to switch quickly between all my weapons and plasmids. That was something I had trouble with in the first game, switching seemed clunky. It helped that BioShock 2 was compatible with my XBox controller so I didn’t have to use mouse and keyboard.

I know many people like the first game more, but both had great stories and the smoother gameplay and improved controls made me like the second game more. One of my favorite parts was getting to see the world through the eyes of a little sister. No wonder they are so content walking through Rapture!

I’m really excited to ¬†get into BioShock Infinite next. I’m planning to finish up BioShock 2 with a couple of DLC I have, then I’m going to jump right into Infinite. I have many people who have been waiting for me to begin Infinite, so I’m really excited for that.