Mass Effect, part 9

This post will contain spoilers.

One of the best things about playing Mass Effect is that I know have a great topic of discussion for so many people I know. For some reason, about 80% of my friends have played it and love it and are more than happy to discuss it with me. However, a couple of them are not so good with keeping spoilers secret. I don’t know many specifics but I do know some things that happen vaguely. I did find out however that I had been missing an important detail about the Mako. I got this far into the game without realizing that it can jump. I felt so silly when I found out, and everyone was asking “How did you get this far into the game without jumping?” I was always just swerving wildly and using hillsides to block incoming bullets.

Last time I said that I will likely be going to Virmire and finishing the game. This is not quite true. Like I said, I’ve talked to a lot of people about the game and most kept telling me that finishing up the side quest “The Fan” was really important. I went to go do that, and I also had to finish up the missions looking for all the minerals as well as the League Medallions. That took a while, but now that those are complete I finally headed to Virmire.

Virmire is beautiful, even though I had to fight my way through it. I liked the weird crab things too and tried my best not to hit them with the Mako.


There were some awkward moments with Wrex, when we found out that Saren has a cure for the genophage that sterilized the Krogan. I had to convince him that the cure would not help the Krogan but would just make them slaves for Saren. Fortunately I succeeded.


Next time, we’ll be storming Saren’s base! Once I finish this, I’ll start on Mass Effect 2. I’m excited for it because I’ve heard it’s an improvement in every way over the first.


Mass Effect, part 8

This post will contain spoilers.

After finishing bigger missions, I have been focusing on smaller ones. I had to go back to the Citadel to tell someone that I had done what they asked to complete several of them, so I headed there. I had grown tired of running around the Citadel trying to complete the Scan the Keepers mission, so I had been putting off returning. When I finally did go back, I was ambushed by Admiral Mikhailovich. He was angry about losing my ship from his fleet and about the design of the Normandy. I was as polite as I could be, and I’m glad I invested points in Charm. He took it pretty well, and was less upset after he talked to me.

I'm such a Paragon.
I’m very charming. 

After dealing with him, next I got ambushed by a news reporter named Khalisah al-Jilani. At this point I was quite annoyed with the Citadel again. I handled the surprise interview as well as I could, and the Council later praised me for how well I dealt with it. So that’s good I guess?

Next I ran around, looking for people I needed to talk to in order to complete missions. Mostly it felt like I was telling people that their relatives were dead. I wish I could tell someone that their loved one was alive for once.

I then traveled around different systems and planets, completing more little missions. I finished the UNC: Hostile Takeover mission and decided not to kill Helena Blake. I hope that doesn’t come back to bite me. She was on a planet called Amaranthine, which is also the name of the city in the Dragon Age: Awakening DLC that I played! I don’t hold it against Bioware though. It must have been tough to come up with names for all the planets. I’m also willing to let go of my annoyance at how many buildings have the exact same layouts as each other, because there is so much detail in other parts of the game.


I also dealt with the biotic cult in the UNC: Major Kyle mission.  I successfully managed to not kill anyone and to get Major Kyle to surrender. I’m pretty happy about that. Next time, I plan on going to Virmire because I’ve done all the smaller missions for now.

Mass Effect, part 7

I accidentally stayed up last night playing Mass Effect until 2 am. This is a big deal for me, since I am usually going to sleep at 11:30. It just shows how much I am enjoying this game.

I continued to explore all the different systems I could find. I’ve been surveying or landing on any planet I can. I found my new favorite planet, Eletania, which you can see in the featured image. It was so green and the sky had beautiful clouds, stars, and you could even see the rings around the planet. There were also these hilarious monkey creatures living on it. They look like this. I had to search all of them for a module they took from a fallen probe.

Monkey creatures from Eletania.
Monkey creatures from Eletania.

After I explored all the other systems in the area, I finally went to Feros. I had a lot of missions to accomplish there, so I knew it was going to take a while. I did manage to finish them, but like I said earlier I had to stay up until 2 am to do it.

On Feros, I had to help a colony called Zhu’s Hope. They were being attacked by the Geth. I had to defend them, and also figure out why Saren had been there to visit them earlier. I fought through a lot of Geth and eventually saved the colonists. I also found out why Saren had been there. He was after a plant, called the Thorian, that had mind control abilities. It turns out that the ExoGeni headquarters near Zhu’s Hope had been experimenting with the mind control on the colonists. The Thorian knew I was coming after it, and so sent colonists and Thorian creepers to defend itself. They were a lot like zombies.

I tried my best not to kill the colonists, and I was given a grenade upgrade that would paralyze the colonists. I still ended up killing 4 colonists because I ran out of grenades. I thought about going back and trying to get through without killing any of them, but the only consequence seemed to be some Renegade points. I can live with that, because here’s a screenshot of my current stats:

I'm such a Paragon.
I’m such a Paragon.

I got through all the fights and destroyed the Thorian. The council isn’t happy with me for killing it, but I don’t care. I did what I had to do.

Pokemon Soul Silver, part 6

My current job requires a lot of walking, so I’ve been wearing my Pokewalker. I keep it in my pocket, and as a result sometimes buttons get pressed by accident. Somehow, I caught a Rattata while it was in my pocket. I just wanted to share this because I think it’s hilarious.

I continued to train up my Pokemon, and then I went and tried the fighting gym! It wasn’t as easy as I thought it was going to be, because the gym leader had Pokemon with thunder punch. I was planning on relying on my Noctowl, but that didn’t work out like I thought it would. That’s okay though. My other Pokemon were able to pick up where Noctowl fainted and beat the gym leader. Flaaffy in particular was helpful against his Poliwhirl. I have played Gold version, and I remember relying on my Flaaffy a lot in that game too. Flaaffy has become one of my favorite Pokemon.

Since I beat the gym, I know have Fly! I’m so happy I won’t have to surf back across to Olivine City and deal with all the Tentacools. Next, I’m going to fly back there and bring the Secret Potion to heal the Ampharos in the lighthouse.

Pokemon Soul Silver, part 5

When I left off last time, I was planning on doing some grinding to get my Pokemon ready to face the ghost gym. It took a while, but my current team can be seen in the featured image. Once again, they are Noctowl, Gabite, Flaaffy, Crocanaw, Ponyta, and Sudowoodo. I’m enjoying this team a lot and I’m attached to all of them. Sudowoodo will be the first to go however if I pick up a cooler Pokemon.

I did some grinding until I felt ready to take on Morty, the Ghost type gym leader in Ecruteak City. I had already beaten everyone else in that gym but I was having trouble beating Morty’s Gengar. It had Shadow Ball and was managing to beat my Pokemon in one or two hits. After I leveled up my Pokemon some, I tried again. It helped a lot that Noctowl had learned Confusion, and so with that move and some help from Flaaffy’s high special attack stat I finally managed to beat him.

Next, I headed to Olivine City to find the gym leader there, but she was busy taking care of a sick Ampharos so she wasn’t at the gym. I was told to head to Cianwood Island to get medicine for the Ampharos. I had to use Surf to get there, and that meant fighting lots of water-type Pokemon. That is my my Flaaffy is currently at a higher level than the rest of my Pokemon. I’ll have to train up the others to catch up. Next, I’m going to face the Fighting type gym while I’m on Cianwood Island. I’m hoping it will be easy with Noctowl, who has both Psychic and Flying type moves. I’ll let you know how it goes!

Dragon Age DLC: Golems of Amgarrak, part 1

When I posted about finishing the Dragon Age: Awakening DLC, I thought I was done with Dragon Age. I take that back, because I have decided to return one last time to play the Golems of Amgarrak DLC. I wasn’t planning on playing it because the description kept warning about how difficult it was and it scared me off. However, my partner encouraged me to try it out and since it was only $5 I went for it.

This post will contain spoilers.

I once again stuck with the same character. He is now a level 33 rogue. The DLC started out with me receiving a letter from Jerrik the dwarf begging me to help him find his brother. Of course I went to help, and unfortunately this dwarf is also a rogue. This means I had no healer, but fortunately I had a lot of health poultices saved up. At least he can summon a Bronto, named Snug, and I can summon a great bear. That was really nice because you only get yourself and the dwarf at the beginning while trying to find our way into Amgarrak, where the dwarf’s brother disappeared.

We had to fight through some darkspawn, and they were definitely harder to kill than in the other parts of the game. We could still handle it though. Things got a little easier too when we found the Runic Golem, who is a healer and a tank.

We made it into Amgarrak, where the fights got harder again. Enemies included revenants, arcane horrors, sentinel golems, and enraged spirits. We did manage to track down Jerrik’s brother, Brogan. He is a warrior, but pretty messed up from whatever caused the disappearance of his companions.

As far as I can tell, we now have to solve a puzzle to get back out of Amgarrak. It involves switches that cause us to be in different colored dimensions. Once I get a better grip on what I have to do, I’ll write another post!

I thought there was a little more to do, but once I figured out the puzzle then all there was left to do was fight the harvester. I think the designers finally came up with something that disturbs me more than the broodmothers. It was a tough fight and I had to try several times, but I finally managed it when I relied more on range attacks and kept a closer eye the health of my party members. Once the harvester finally went down, so did the rest of the thaig. We all made it out except for the runic golem, and that was the end of it. I’m not sure if I want this to be last Dragon Age DLC I play because this did not have a very nice ending. We’ll have to see if I move on to other games or not.