Mass Effect 3

This post will contain spoilers.

I finally had some time to play more Mass Effect this weekend, and streamed it on Twitch. I get a little nervous when I know people are watching me, but I just try to ignore it. I feel a little bad sometimes when I am just running around talking to people, but I’m not making them watch! If anyone finds it boring, they can stop. I’m not so much interested in having people watch me, but rather having the recorded gameplay that I can watch and improve by seeing what I’m doing right and what could be better.

First off, I visited a Cerberus lab and took back some Reaper artifacts that they were studying. It was a straightforward mission: get in, get the samples, and leave. I did it without too much trouble.

Next, I went to the diplomatic ship so that the salarians, turians, and krogans could meet. Guess who the krogan representative was? It was Wrex! It was nice to see him again. I am trying to get those three alien races to work together, but Wrex is demanding a cure for the genophage. As a result, we were sent to the salarian homeworld to try and get the cure, as well as some female krogan.

The salarians didn’t want us to land, but eventually we were let in. We went to go see the one surviving krogan, and guess who is working on a cure? It’s Mordin! I’m enjoying seeing all my old squad mates. The Normandy seems far too empty without them onboard to talk to.

After I met the female krogan, Cerberus attacks! They want to keep a cure from being made. We had to fight our way out while keeping her and Mordin safe. You can watch some gameplay here:

We made it out, and there will be a cure.

I took care of some other little side missions, mostly on the Citadel. I got more than I finished though, so I’ll probably stick around the Citadel for a while. I saw Kasumi again, so that was cool! I’ll continue my playthrough and update later. There was a lot of dialog and now I see what people mean when they say you become a politician in Mass Effect 3.


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