Mass Effect 3: The End

This post will contain spoilers.

So, I finished the game. I’m all done with the Mass Effect trilogy. It was amazing and I loved it so much.

I know when it came out, there was a lot of unhappiness with the ending. I don’t understand why. I loved the ending. It was beautiful and sad and hopeful, all at the same time.

The first step was attacking the Illusive Man’s base. I finally found the room where he was always talking to me in ME2. I also found out what the Catalyst is. It’s the Citadel! Then Kai Leng showed up, and I fought him and finally won. I also got sweet revenge for Thane.

However, the reapers already found out what the catalyst is, and moved the Citadel to the Sol system and have it under heavy guard. So many reapers are guarding it while it’s in space we only have a shot at getting to the Citadel is from the ground, since they handily have a beam that will take us to the Citadel.

There was a lot of fighting on the ground to get to the beam, and in the end only Anderson and I made it. I’m so happy I at least got a chance to say bye to Liara and EDI since they were with me, but got too injured to come with me.

Anderson and I make it up to the Citadel, and find the Illusive Man there. He wants to use the Citadel to control the reapers. I don’t think he can actually do it, and I end up shooting him when he pulled a gun on Anderson.

Anderson is slowly dying from a gunshot wound, and I wasn’t doing to well myself. Anderson gives me a nice little speech about how well I’ve done, and then he dies. I think Shepard was dying too, but comes back a bit once she’s told that the Crucible isn’t doing anything. It was sad how fast she jumped up when she thought she had to do something, even though she was in so much pain.

I don’t manage to do anything though, and I get taken elsewhere in the Citadel to meet an AI. It is the Catalyst, and the Crucible a power source. I learn all about the reapers and their purpose. Organics and synthetics are in conflict, and the reapers end the conflict in every cycle. It is confirmed that the Illusive Man could not control the reapers, since they already control him. Then I have to make a decision. My options: Destruction, Control, or Synthesis?

Destruction will lead to the death of many, both reapers and others who have lots of synthetics like the quarians, asari, and EDI. However, this is only a temporary fix because the cycle will start again. Control would make me into a tyrannical sort of god, who can control the reapers and force them to stop. Synthesis would make everyone into a mixture of organic and synthetic, but I would have to sacrifice myself.

I ended up choosing Synthesis. It did seem like the best way, the only way to bring about peace permanently. I’ve gotten into some interesting conversations with my friends about who chose what and why. I think you can learn a lot about someone by what they choose. I still feel like I made the right decision. It was so sad to leave behind everyone, but really any of the choices would have led to that. I chose the best option for everyone else’s survival even though I had to give myself up.

I really loved the ending too. It was so beautiful and full of hope. Shepard may be gone, but she is not forgotten. And because of her, and of me, everyone can live on in peace. Shepard is gone, but I am not, and I hope I can make as big a difference in real life as Shepard made.

I don’t know what I will play next. What can take the place of such an amazing game?


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