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I started and finished Borderlands months ago. It got me through a weirdly tough time in my life. I felt incredibly discontented and didn’t know what to do with myself, and on a whim I began playing it. It was exactly what I needed.

Friends had told me that the first Borderlands game was slow and boring, so I might have a hard time getting through it. That was not the case at all. It was a perfect mix of action, humor, and story to cheer me up.

Like I said, I started it back in April and finished it probably sometime in May or June. Since it has been a while I don’t remember every detail, I just remember having a lot of fun with it. I know I meant to write more of my ideas and thoughts on the games I play, but I definitely waited too long on this one. I really do want to keep this blog going and another function of it is to keep track of what I play, so at least this post does that!


Half Life 2

This post will contain spoilers.

Guess who finished Half Life 2 today? I did! I really was concerned I wouldn’t like it after I couldn’t get through the first Half Life. I’m so glad I tried 2 because I really enjoyed it. It was so much more varied than the first one and the graphics were a big improvement, so both issues I had with the first game didn’t bother me in the second.

I was also worried I wouldn’t make it through Ravenholm, because I am such a wimp with anything that remotely fits into the horror genre. Well, I guess that’s been changing because while I was scared while playing through it, I still had fun. In fact, it is actually one of the more memorable parts of the game for me.

Some parts of the game got a little frustrating. There were a few parts that I felt dragged on too long, or too much backtracking which always makes me feel like I didn’t make much progress even though I did. But there weren’t too many of them and I made it through whenever it did happen.

Allying with the antlions was also fun! I liked having my little army of them to send at my enemies.

Learning to use the pods to control antlions.

Another memorable part was fighting the stryders, which I enjoyed. Any time I get to use the rocket launcher was fun for me.

Every time I saw Alyx again was nice. She’s such a cool character, and I was glad she and her father were safe at the end.

However the best part of all was getting the supercharged grav gun. It was so overpowered it really didn’t matter that I lost all my weapons. I wouldn’t have been using them anyway. I had so much fun just tearing through enemy troops and shooting fusion cores at them. I almost felt bad some of the time by how brutal and quick the grav gun could be.

Ready to fire a fusion core.

Finally it was time for the final battle. It took me two tries but I didn’t mind too much because it was so fun. All I could do was keep firing fusion cores until I finally destroyed the portal that Breen was trying to open into another dimension.


Once I did, everything else froze, and a mysterious man appeared and spoke to me. I don’t even know exactly what happened but I understand now why people want a third game so much. Well, at least I still have the episodes to play!


1 Year Anniversary!

I realized today that I started this blog about a year ago! I had no idea that anybody would want to read it, and even though people have it was never important to me to get very popular. This was more a personal project and it just helps me stay committed to getting through games and remembering what happens in each game. I especially like to make note of my favorite moments in the games I play. I am so proud of myself for sticking with this for a year. I don’t usually stick to things like this, but I am determined to keep this going!

In the year that has passed, many things have changed for me. Many of them were things I would never have seen coming. Even though times have been tough, I know things will get better. When I started this blog, I was in a long-term committed relationship that I never thought would end. It was over by January of this year. While I was devastated at first, it really was for the best. I’ve grown so much from that, and in a way I’m so glad it happened. I really like who I have become.

I have also dealt and been dealing with illnesses in my family. I have to be strong for everyone, and that gets really difficult sometimes. While I myself am not ill and I know I am lucky to be healthy, it is so hard to stand by and see my loved ones suffer without being able to help.

I’ve taken my first steps into continuing my education, by taking the GRE and beginning to research schools. I started a job at about the same time I started this blog, and I just started another job this week. All the money I am saving up will go to returning to school. It’s not easy working 2 jobs, but I have a goal and I will accomplish it.

Through all of these things, video games have been there for me. They’ve gotten me through good times and bad. I always knew I liked gaming, but I had no idea how important it would become to me. It’s even at the point where I contribute semi-regularly to a bigger video game blog. (You can read my posts here). I really never saw that change coming!

I’m going to continue gaming and blogging. I have found they are both things I enjoy quite a bit. I’m so excited that there are still so many great games to play, and the blogging helps when I feel overwhelmed because I can look back and see all the games I have finished.

Thank you all for reading!


Hello everyone! It’s been a little while since I’ve posted. I’ve been a little busy with real life stuff. I have still had time to play games though! In fact, I’ve been playing the first Halo game at my friend C’s house. We actually managed to finish it last night in co-op mode with normal difficulty.

C has been playing games for years, and is very good. He also has so many games, and he loves to introduce them to me and teach me how to play. I’m really lucky he is willing to teach me and is patient with me. He says I’m a fast learner and have improved so much. One of his other friends saw me playing for a bit, and even said I was a good shot. It was nice to hear, because I still think of myself as being really new and not being very good yet. We make a really good team, probably because he has experience and I have adaptability. With me still being relatively new, I don’t really have my own play style yet and just adapt to complement his. Since he usually likes to stay back and snipe, I would defend him from enemies that got close.

Having finished the first Halo game, I see why people like them so much. It was challenging without ever seeming impossible. The only parts I got really frustrated with were the parts when we had to fly vehicles. I wasn’t very good at that!

While it wasn’t as story-driven as I tend to like, I’m still left wanting to find out what happens next. We are planning to play Halo Reach next, and I’ll write more about that. I guess it’s prequel so technically I won’t find out what happens next, but I will still get to learn more about the Halo universe and that’s almost as good! I think it will take us a lot longer to get through, so it will likely be a series of posts.

Since I usually play on a PC, I also had to get used to the XBox controller. I think I’ve finally mastered the buttons and don’t have to look at them to know where A, B, X, and Y are. I have also figured out that for whatever reason, I need to have the Y-axis inverted. My friend C does too, so I thought it was pretty normal. However, I started asking around and way more people play with the default controls! It’s gotten me wondering why some people play inverted and others don’t. Maybe it’s just like being left-handed. Let me know if you play default or inverted in the comments! Thanks for reading!

Relaxing with Animal Crossing

As any regular readers know, I am pretty close to finishing up Mass Effect 2. However, I’ve been putting it off for a couple of reasons. One reason was that I am enjoying the game so much, I don’t want it to end. Now that I have Mass Effect 3 I’m more willing to finish it, because I know I’ll be able to continue the story. Another reason is that I’ve been busy studying for the GRE. I graduated from college about a year ago, and I want to continue my education. I’m finally taking it this Saturday so a lot of my free time this week has gone to last minute studying. Hopefully I’ll do well on it, and then I’ll have more free time again. If I don’t do well, I’ll have to study more and take it again.

However, I’ve still been finding time to play. Studying isn’t a very fun or relaxing thing to do so I take breaks often. One of my favorite ways to take a break is to play Animal Crossing. I only have Wild World but I really want to get New Leaf soon.

I’ve played it enough that I now have the biggest house you can get.


You can also see a strange looking plant to the left of my house. I guess it’s a plant called Jacob’s Ladder. It means my town is in perfect condition.

I’m not sure why I find this game so lovely. I think it’s because I can just wander around the town, catching bugs and harvesting fruit. There’s not really any pressure to do anything. I also like the control I have over decorating my house. Not that I’m a control freak or anything, but since I’ve always lived with my parents or with roommates in college, I’ve never really had my own place where I can arrange it however I want. I’ve never even had my own room; it’s always been shared with at least one sister or roommate! Even though it’s not real, it still gives me a little satisfaction.

Mass Effect 2, part 21: More DLC and Miranda

This post will contain spoilers.

This is going to be a very short post because I had a very short session.

I finished up the Firewalker DLC. Using the Hammerhead is so much fun! I like it a lot more than the Mako. This particular mission was pretty challenging. I had to leapfrog from rock to rock over acid while destroying geth! The goal was to find and scan the 5 artifacts, so it was a short but good mission.

Since I completed that, I now only have two assignments left: I need to get the Reaper IFF, and stop the collectors. My friends have told me that something goes wrong right about now. I know it has something to do with my crew being abducted, and I have a feeling it’s going to happen when we go to get the reaper IFF. I don’t want to start it now, because I already had enough stress today! Between being woken up by an earthquake and having to monitor my dog after he ate chocolate, I don’t need a super stressful mission too. Oh, and don’t worry about my dog – I think by now he’s going to be completely fine.

As you may know, I lost Miranda’s loyalty after siding with Jack when they were fighting. I’ve been trying since then to win her back. I was starting to think there was a glitch or something, but I went back to talk to her and finally got her back on my side! It really is a relief. I know it’s better to have everyone’s loyalty before the end, so I’m glad I have hers back. It’s about time!

Here are my current stats:


Next time, I plan on getting the reaper IFF. I think I’m close to the end, and I might even be finishing the game over the weekend. I’m so excited!


Mass Effect 2, part 20: More DLC

This post will contain spoilers.

I worked on the DLC called Firewalker. Each mission uses the Hammerhead, a vehicle similar to the Mako from the first game but more maneuverable.  I got the hang of driving it pretty quickly, and I had more fun with it than with the Mako.

First. I went to a frozen planet and had to collect data from sites there before the engines froze. I only got 9 out of 10, but that was good enough and I’m not going to bother to replay it. Cerberus is analyzing the data, and who know what they’ll do with it?

Next was a volcano planet. I had to get information on where two scientists had disappeared. I found the information, then had to get out before the volcano erupted. It was a fun but stressful mission!

The information led us to another site, protected by a forcefield. I had to destroy the generators and fight off some little geth rocket turrets, because the geth were also trying to find the scientists. They had recovered a Prothean artifact and I guess the geth wanted it too. Fortunately, we got it first!


The artifact was very large when we got to it, but conveniently shrank down so we could bring it with us!


That was it for missions I completed in this session. The rest of my time I spent talking to my crew. I’m getting very close to most of them, except for Miranda! I looked up how to regain her loyalty, and I should have enough paragon points. At this point I think it might be a bug, which is really unfortunate. I have no idea how to solve this issue, and I guess I’ll just have to keep playing and see what happens. I hope the consequences will not be too dire!