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I started and finished Borderlands months ago. It got me through a weirdly tough time in my life. I felt incredibly discontented and didn’t know what to do with myself, and on a whim I began playing it. It was exactly what I needed.

Friends had told me that the first Borderlands game was slow and boring, so I might have a hard time getting through it. That was not the case at all. It was a perfect mix of action, humor, and story to cheer me up.

Like I said, I started it back in April and finished it probably sometime in May or June. Since it has been a while I don’t remember every detail, I just remember having a lot of fun with it. I know I meant to write more of my ideas and thoughts on the games I play, but I definitely waited too long on this one. I really do want to keep this blog going and another function of it is to keep track of what I play, so at least this post does that!



So i realize I haven’t updated my blog in a very long time, and I definitely regret this now. I’ve played and finished so many games since my last post, which was about Undertale. (side note: maybe someday I’ll play Undertale again and try the other routes besides True Pacifist which I did for my first playthrough. But I like to focus on finishing games that are new to me since I’m so far behind, rather than replaying other ones! I’ve also been itching to play the Mass Effect trilogy again.)

Since my post about Undertale in February, I’ve finished

  • Gone Home
  • Firewatch
  • Borderlands 1
  • Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
  • (and I’m almost done with Borderlands 2, I just have some DLC to finish up!)
  • Never Alone

And I recently started playing Bioshock 1 as well! I have a lot of writing to catch up on if I decide to go back and talk about all the games I’ve completed, but I think I’d like to try. I waited too long and began to miss writing all my thoughts down, even though so few people ever see them! However, I also started to feel weird about coming back after so long. But tonight I decided to just go for it. You can expect to see more action from this blog in the near future! Also, feel free to watch me stream here.



Oops! It’s been a while since I’ve posted. Part of the reason is I’ve been quite busy and haven’t had much time to play.  Another reason is that I’ve had trouble deciding what can even follow Mass Effect 3.

I was busy visiting my grandparents in Idaho, so there wasn’t much opportunity for gaming there besides my 3DS and Animal Crossing: New Leaf!

And when I got back from that I went to IndieCade, an independent games convention that was happening not too far from where I live. I was excited to go and meet the woman who founded a blog that I’ve contributed to a few times. She was very cool, and so was the conference. Nobody had any assumptions about why I was there. People would ask me if I was a developer. I felt very welcome and there were all kinds of cool indie game demos to try out. It gives me hope for a future where everybody is welcome in gaming and more people can be represented in games. As I’ve written about before, representation is very important.

The whole experience made me more interested in the possibility of developing games, but I’m still just so intimidated and have no idea where to start. I’m at least so happy that I know this event did inspire others to become developers. I think I’m better off showing my support by buying and playing more indie games. I already have quite a few that I got as part of Humble Bundles and such; perhaps it’s time to actually play them.

I’ve started playing Life is Strange, so I’ll be writing about that. This is just about the first time I’ve been able to play a big game close to the time it actually came out, so that’s kind of exciting. I’ll be writing more soon! Thanks for reading!

1 Year Anniversary!

I realized today that I started this blog about a year ago! I had no idea that anybody would want to read it, and even though people have it was never important to me to get very popular. This was more a personal project and it just helps me stay committed to getting through games and remembering what happens in each game. I especially like to make note of my favorite moments in the games I play. I am so proud of myself for sticking with this for a year. I don’t usually stick to things like this, but I am determined to keep this going!

In the year that has passed, many things have changed for me. Many of them were things I would never have seen coming. Even though times have been tough, I know things will get better. When I started this blog, I was in a long-term committed relationship that I never thought would end. It was over by January of this year. While I was devastated at first, it really was for the best. I’ve grown so much from that, and in a way I’m so glad it happened. I really like who I have become.

I have also dealt and been dealing with illnesses in my family. I have to be strong for everyone, and that gets really difficult sometimes. While I myself am not ill and I know I am lucky to be healthy, it is so hard to stand by and see my loved ones suffer without being able to help.

I’ve taken my first steps into continuing my education, by taking the GRE and beginning to research schools. I started a job at about the same time I started this blog, and I just started another job this week. All the money I am saving up will go to returning to school. It’s not easy working 2 jobs, but I have a goal and I will accomplish it.

Through all of these things, video games have been there for me. They’ve gotten me through good times and bad. I always knew I liked gaming, but I had no idea how important it would become to me. It’s even at the point where I contribute semi-regularly to a bigger video game blog. (You can read my posts here). I really never saw that change coming!

I’m going to continue gaming and blogging. I have found they are both things I enjoy quite a bit. I’m so excited that there are still so many great games to play, and the blogging helps when I feel overwhelmed because I can look back and see all the games I have finished.

Thank you all for reading!


Oops, it’s been a while since I’ve updated! I’ve been a little busy, but mostly with fun things. Since it’s summer now, most of my friends have more time so I’ve been doing things like going to the beach or the pool.

I have still found a little time to game, since a lot of my friends are also gamers. I just don’t have much to update on. There’s been some sessions of firefight in Halo Reach. While I’m not nearly as good as my friends, they like to play with me because I guess I have a good head for tactics.

I have improved a lot too. I am much better at remembering the controls and I’m getting down the reflex to switch weapons or reload when I need to. I have also had trouble at keeping track of everything on the screen, because there is always a lot going on! Now I’m better at keeping track of my radar and any enemies near me, as well as how my shields are and if I need to reload.

I hope to keep improving, because I ordered Halo 3 and ODST and they should arrive on Friday! I’m excited to play more Halo. I also got an XBox controller and figured out how to use it with my PC. Hopefully, that will make my playthrough of Mass Effect 3 go more smoothly once I finally get to it. While I loved playing Mass Effect 2, the keyboard and mouse controls for it just didn’t feel as natural to me as the XBox controller. \

Hopefully, I’ll have more interesting things to write about next time!


This post will contain spoilers.

I first got Half-Life a couple of years ago, while I was still in college. However, I didn’t have much time to play it. I graduated about a year ago, and have given it a couple of tries since then.

I kept getting stuck and not knowing where to go next, which was very frustrating. I also have decided that survival horror games are just not my thing. I really wanted to like it, but I just haven’t been enjoying it at all.

I have been giving Half-Life another try this past week, because I know I have gotten a lot more confident in my playing ability and I don’t scare as easily as I used to. However, it still scares me too much and I just don’t have fun playing it. In addition, the old graphics didn’t used to bother me but I got spoiled by Mass Effect 2 and now I can tell how old it is. Maybe it makes me a wimp but I don’t want to punish myself and play all the way through so I am not going to keep playing it. I do know a lot of people who love the game though, so I’m planning to watch other people play through it on YouTube because I still want to know the story. For some reason, watching someone else play doesn’t scare me at all!

I also have Half-Life 2, but I will give that a try. At least it will have better graphics, and I’ll see if it seems any less frightening for me.

Mass Effect 2: My least favorite and favorite moments

I just finished playing Mass Effect 2 a couple of days ago. I really loved the ending. It was very satisfying and ended in a good spot, but still with the feeling there was more to do. I wanted to share some of my favorite and least favorite moments of the game. Here we go!

First, I’ll start with the negatives.

1. Forced Romance:

I accidentally had a fling with Kaidan in the first Mass Effect game, which is fine. I just hadn’t realized I was flirting with him at first and things got a little out of hand. It wasn’t a big deal to me though. In Mass Effect 2, Kaidan shows up again for a bit and tried to make me feel guilty about working for Cerberus and says something about “what we had”. He tried to make it sound like there was a relationship even though I just considered it a one night stand, and a virtual rebound for a  very bad breakup I had just gone through in real life.

Later on, right before the suicide mission, my Shepard was gazing at a photo of Kaidan. Given how I feel about our nonexistent relationship it didn’t make sense and just made me confused, not sad or nostalgic or anything.

I still have the option of starting a relationship with Garrus, and maybe I will just so I won’t have to deal with the Kaidan stuff anymore. However, given the aforementioned bad and real breakup, I don’t want any relationship even if it’s an in game one.

This is something I didn’t like from the first game, but I’m not a fan of how easy it was to get into a relationship with Kaidan. I didn’t even realize that I was flirting, I just thought I was being friendly. This is a problem I’ve had in real life too, when guys think I’m flirting when I’m just trying to be friendly.

2. Forced Choices:

There were times when I only made certain choices because I knew it would get me paragon points. At one point in the game I lost Miranda’s loyalty, and I had to get more paragon points to earn it back. At one point, I did something I would normally refuse to do just because I needed more paragon points. I convinced an asari not to break up with her krogan boyfriend. I wouldn’t do this in real life, because I don’t know either of them and it’s none of my business. I also didn’t like how convincing her to stay with him is paragon and breaking up is renegade. Staying together is not always a good thing and breaking up is not always a bad thing! Again, I knew nothing of there relationship and maybe she had good reasons for wanting to end it.

Now, to end on a better note, I want to share some of my favorite moments!

1. The time I headbutted a krogan:

2. The time Mordin sang for me:

3. The time Garrus complimented me:

(None of these videos are mine, I found them all on youtube.)

I know there were many more, but these are the ones that come to mind at the moment.

One last thing! These were my final stats: