Pokemon Black, part 5

My party is now Swanna, Emboar, Arheops, Musharna, Excadrill, and Zebstrika. They’re a pretty formidable party! I finally beat the Driftveil City gym using Excadrill. I already beat the Mistralton gym too. It’s the flying gym, and was really easy with Zebstrika. After that, I got Surf and went back to collect items I couldn’t get before because there was water in the way. Now I’m going through Twist Mountain.

I also experienced the first change in seasons, so I started out in winter and now it’s spring!


Pokemon Black, part 4

I was at my partner’s house yesterday and tried to play Dragon Age, but since we had spent the rest of the day playing a tabletop RPG we were a little burnt out on RPGs. So instead, you get more Pokemon! I guess Pokemon is kind of an RPG, but it’s not the same as Dragon Age or our tabletop RPG. We couldn’t figure out exactly why it’s different though. My partner has a lot of DS games too, so once he has a chance to dig those out of his closet I can look through them and choose some new games to try. Some of them are already out because I’ve gotten him back into Pokemon. Oops.

Right now in my game, it’s winter and it actually snows! As for other improvements I’ve noticed, when I catch a Pokemon and it gets sent to the PC, it gets healed automatically. It’s such a small thing, but such a big improvement from Blue version! After I played Gold, I thought I wouldn’t be able to go back to Blue because of all the improvements. Now I really won’t be able to go back, and probably won’t even be able to go back to Gold! 

I successfully leveled up my Drilbur into an Excadrill and finally beat Clay in Driftveil City and now I can move on! Once I had Excadrill, it was almost too easy to beat Clay. I’m getting through Chargestone Cave now. I’m close to leveling up my Ducklett but I don’t dare take her into a cave full of electric types. So she’ll just have to wait until I get through it!

Pokemon Black, continued

I meant to post yesterday, but my computer crashed. It’s working for now, but posting might be difficult for a while. 

I’ve also only been posting about Pokemon Black because that’s all I’ve been able to play. Dragon Age and Halo depend on me using friends’ consoles, and they’ve been busy so I haven’t had a chance to play anything else. This is really frustrating too, because I’ve been stuck in the same place with Pokemon Black for the past 2 days. I’m stuck partly because I’ve been surprisingly busy the past 2 days despite having days from work off. Today ended up being family time all day, which was really fun but I means didn’t play.

I’m also stuck because Clay’s Excadrill is really hard to beat! I got through the rest of Driftveil Gym really easily with Leavanny and Ducklett, but that Excadrill keeps knocking them both out with one hit. I guess I’ll just keep grinding away until they reach higher levels. I plan to do the same for my Drilbur, because seeing just how tough he’ll be when he’s an Excadrill is motivating! I can’t wait until I have my own. He’s only got 2 more levels to go. 

It’s kind of embarrassing how attached I get to my Pokemon. I was surprised at how fast my Swadloon turned into a Leavanny, but my partner said he’s not surprised. I take good care of them and run to the Pokecenter the first chance I get if any of them are injured at all. Even though I know they’re not real, I feel bad if I let them faint or stay injured. 


Pokemon Black

I have now beaten the first four gyms. The first gym wasn’t too memorable. I liked the library puzzle in the second gym. The Castelia City gym was just so weird. The Nimbasa City gym was a lot of fun to get through, but fighting the Emolgas was awful! I didn’t have any good types for fighting them, but I managed in the end. The other two most annoying pokemon I’ve faced have been Sandiles and Pidoves. They’re as bad as Zubats from Blue version in my opinion. 

 Now I’m almost ready to fight Clay in the Driftveil City gym. I don’t think it will be too hard because I have a lot of types that are good against ground type. I just want to train a little more, until all my Pokemon are at least level 28. I love the double battles for faster leveling up! My current team is Ducklett, Musharna, Leavanny, Zebstrika, Pignite, and Drilbur. Ducklett is new, and I love having a water/flying type (except for when I have to fight electric types!). I still need to level up Ducklett and Musharna so they are level 28 too. I didn’t know a lot of these pokemon before, but I’m liking all the ones I have! As of now, I think my team is pretty set, but it could always change. 


My parents were pretty strict with me when I was growing up. I wasn’t really allowed to watch much TV or play any video games. Their reasoning was that TV and video games would make me stupid and violent. While I turned out neither of those, I don’t think that my playing or not playing video games had anything to do with that. Instead I learned to be sneaky and quick at switching the computer screen, and thinking back on it I still managed to play a lot! I still get jumpy though if I’m playing and someone walks in, even when I know it can’t be my parents.

It’s just that most of the games I did play were random, free things I found on the Internet. There was an RPG called Ahriman’s Prophecy that was a lot of fun, and an MMORPG called Eternal Lands that I still play occasionally. There was also Newgrounds and nitrome.com. This is why I’m going back now and trying to play a lot of big games that I missed while they were new. 

I do have a Steam account, and some games I have planned are Mass Effect 1 and 2, Half-Life 1 and 2, and Fallout 1, 3, and New Vegas. I have no idea when I’ll be able to play all of those, and I need to find a better computer to play them on than my current old laptop! I also just got a Nintendo DS lite, and right now all I have is Pokemon Black but a friend promised she’d give me her old copies of Animal Crossing and Nintendogs. I feel I may have bitten of more than I can chew! This is not going to be a short project. 

Pokémon Black

Wow,  Pokémon has come a long way since Gold version! As far as I can tell so far, everything is improved. I thought using the touch screen on the DS lite to play it would be weird, but it works wonderfully. I’m also thrilled that I can actually play as a girl in this one! 

I started playing on Friday night, and I chose Tepig as my starter. His nickname is Iroh, and he has grown into a Pignite. The rest of my team right now is Swadloon, Munna, Herdier, Blitzle, and Drilbur. I’ve beaten two gyms so far, and now I’m in the Pinwheel Forest trying to get the dragon skull back. 

Hello World!

Growing up, I was forbidden from playing video games. This didn’t completely stop me since I still managed to play some at friends’ houses and I had a secret GameBoy Color that my cousin gave me, but it did mean that I am very limited in what I have played. The only game I had for the GameBoy Color was Pokémon Blue version, and games at friends’ houses was mainly MarioKart.

In college, I was away from home and could have played without getting in trouble, but I had so little time! I did manage to play Portal, Portal 2, MineCraft, and Pokémon Gold version at least. I loved all of them.

Now that I am out of college with a bit of disposable income and free time, I’m attempting to catch up on a lot of what I missed. This blog will chronicle my attempts at playing various video games and what I think of them. Since coming up with the idea for this blog, I have been playing Dragon Age, Halo Reach, and Pokémon Black version. I’ll post more on those later. I am open to suggestions on what games I should try next!

Trying to catch up on all the games I missed when I was younger!