Animal Crossing: New Leaf, part 2

As you may know if you’ve paid close attention to my blog, I sometimes have issues with anxiety. It’s nothing too major but just enough to occasionally be an inconvenience. When it does become a problem, I love this game so much. It is just so calming and free. It gives me a chance to just slow down and do whatever I want in its cute, happy world.

I especially love it right now, because I live in a place where snow is unheard of. I know plenty of people who have never even seen snow. And in Animal Crossing right now, there is lots of snow and you can even go catch snowflakes and build snowpeople. It makes me so happy. I’ve been hard at work catching the snowflakes and collecting everything in the ice series. I’ve always loved the look of ice, and the floor and walls make my house look like Elsa’s castle in Frozen.

The holidays have always been a bit tricky for me. Family issues tend to flare up with the added stress the holidays bring. Things were better for a while when I could see my boyfriend’s family and do fun holiday things with them, but we broke up in January. This is my first holiday season as a single person since 2009 and it’s been a bit hard to accept that. But thank goodness for this game. It has helped me get excited for the holidays and looking forward to giving and receiving gifts.


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