5 Ways Video Games Help Me Stay Motivated

Another piece I wrote for the blog FemHype.


Dragon Age

I’m sure we’ve all heard the stereotype about how gamers are lazy and unproductive people who never go outside and play games all day. (While I think there is nothing wrong with that, our society would beg to differ. Just remember you are all worthy no matter your fitness or productivity level.) However, I will argue that contrary to popular belief, gaming has actually helped to make me a more productive and motivated person. Here’s how:

1. The self-bribe

Gaming is obviously something that I enjoy, so first there is the basic self-bribe. I often reward myself by taking some time to game after I get an important task done. I know this doesn’t work for everybody because I’ve suggested it to many people and they’ll say, “But I’ll just start playing before I get it done.” It does work for me, though, so I will keep suggesting it because I’m…

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