Mass Effect 3: Tuchanka

This post will contain spoilers.

I had some more time to play, and I spent a bit of that finishing up everything I could on the Citadel. Eventually I ran out of things to do that I could complete without leaving the Citadel. Before I left, I ran into Diana Allers, who wants to run a show from the Normandy about the war effort against the reapers. I allowed her to come aboard because she made good points about how propaganda will help the war effort. I also ran into Miranda, who is once again worried about her sister. I’ve agreed to help her out.

I noticed I had a lot of missions to complete on Tuchanka, so I headed there next. First I went to help Primarch Victus’s son. He was stranded on Tuchanka with the turians he was leading. I helped save them from the reapers, and then found out what they were up to. Cerberus was trying to set off a bomb that the turians had left in a krogan population center back during the krogan rebellions. If that bomb went off, it would be next to impossible to keep the krogans and turians working together as allies. I stopped the bomb, but Primarch Victus’s son sacrificed himself to do it. At least the krogan and turian alliance is still intact. As you can see from the video, I got a scope for my pistol and I love the ability it gives me to be more accurate.

I also investigated a Cerberus stronghold that had been set up on Tuchanka. I took care of that, and now we have the advantage on Tuchanka against both Cerberus and the reapers.

Other people have told me that you play a politician more than a soldier in Mass Effect 3. I see what they mean; I have to make a lot of decisions and think about the political impacts. I’ve heard it as a criticism more than anything else, but I really don’t mind the change. It’s different but still fun.

I was quite glad I had that recorded, because I was playing after I had a long day at work and was quite tired. I was still playing fine, but afterwards couldn’t quite remember what I had done and why.

I’m not quite done on Tuchanka; I still need to escort Eve to the Shroud so the genophage cure can be spread to all the krogan on Tuchanka. I like Eve quite a lot, so I’m looking forward to this mission!


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