Mass Effect 2 DLC: Arrival

This post will contain spoilers.

Last night, I completed the last DLC for Mass Effect 2 that I had left. I was told it had a lot of plot relevant stuff and was almost necessary to play, which is annoying. But it was fun to play! I just think if it has that much plot relevant stuff, it should come with the game and not require another purchase. But I digress.

First, I had to go rescue Dr. Amanda Kenson, who is a deep undercover agent in batarian space. She had been arrested for suspicious activities. They were right to be suspicious, since she was gathering parts to guide an asteroid into the system’s mass effect relay. That would probably result in the destruction of the entire system. Admiral Hackett wanted me to go rescue her, so I did. She had important evidence that I could probably use that the Reapers were coming.


We talked about her evidence, and the fact that the Reapers were coming to this system to use the “Alpha Relay.” She had a Reaper artifact that was giving off pulses and counting down to when they would arrive. You can see the countdown when we first arrived at the base. Just a little over 2 days!


We went to go look at the Reaper artifact, which looked awesome.


However, there was a surprise twist. Turns out the Dr. Kenson had been indoctrinated by the Reapers, and actually wanted them to come! She turned her guards against me, and I went down. At first I thought I’d see the “critical mission failure” screen, but then I woke back up. I’d been taken to the medical bay and kept sedated for almost 2 days! That meant the Reapers were almost upon us!

I took control of a LOKI mech for a bit to fight my way out, then I could get to my armor and weapons and fight myself. I needed to get to the controls to guide the base and the asteroid where it was located into the mass effect relay. There was a lot of fighting through guards.

Eventually I made it Dr. Kenson.


I ended up shooting her and keeping her from blowing up the entire base. She would rather do that than blow up the mass effect relay, because she wanted the Reapers to come! Then I had to get off the asteroid, quick. I had to find somewhere to message the Normandy and a place they could pick me up.

After more fighting, I managed to message the Normandy. But I ran into Harbinger!



I then got picked up by the Normandy. We used the mass effect relay right before the asteroid crashed into it and destroyed the whole system, along with all hundreds of thousands of batarians. I was debriefed by Admiral Hackett, who wanted to know how I went from rescuing Dr. Amanda Kenson to destroying an entire system. That’s a really good question. After I explained he assured me I did the right thing, but that was still a large price to pay and who am I to decide that?


That was heavy, but good. I’ve been told it sets the tone well for Mass Effect 3. I’m going to be starting that soon, and I hope I can handle all the feels!


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