Mass Effect 2 DLC: Overlord

This post will contain spoilers, and a disturbing image.

I continued on with my playthrough of Mass Effect 2 DLC. I finished playing Overlord last night. Finally, this was one DLC where I wasn’t disappointed with the length of it. It actually seemed long enough to justify the cost. Some of the other ones seemed too short.

I enjoyed this one a lot, but was also disturbed by it. I’ll start from the beginning.

Shepard gets called upon to help out some Cerberus stations that have been overrun by a hostile VI. Once we got there, only Dr. Archer was still alive. We had to prevent the VI from uploading into a satellite, where it could then be broadcast anywhere and take over all technology. Once that was done, we had to unlock Atlas Station by approving an end to the lockdown. Normally 3 different projects directors would do it, but Archer was the only one still alive.

First I found Vulcan station. Surrounded by lava, it was the geothermal energy station. I had to carefully hop across lava streams on chunks of floating rock. That was fun!


I brought Tali and Kasumi with me, and we easily fought off some LOKI mechs to get to the switch to end the lockdown of Atlas Station.

Next we found Prometheus Station. It was pretty much the same as before, but with less lava.


Finally we could go to Atlas Station. There was a bit of vehicle combat, which as usual I had some trouble with. The VI had taken control of a geth cannon which would kill us all in one hit. To stop it, we had to destroy all the power generators which were protected by shields. Shooting at them in the Hammerhead barely did anything, but I quickly figured out I had to get the geth cannon to target us when we were near the generators, then get out of the way before we were actually hit. It took me a couple of tries, but I finally did it.

Finally we were inside Atlas Station, which was when things took a turn for the disturbing. Listening to research logs quickly revealed that Archer’s brother, David, was autistic and that Archer had exploited him in order to make himself look good to Cerberus.

Continuing through the station, I learned more about the situation and had to fight against geth that had been reactivated by the VI. Eventually we get to the server room to shut down the whole thing. It doesn’t work, and instead I started seeing what had happened from David’s point of view.

His point of view was presented in a sort of virtual reality kind of way. It really reminded me of being in the Fade in Dragon Age: Origins. I swear, even some of the sound effects were the same. I was even all alone for once, just like in DA:O.


Upon finding out that David was able to communicate with the geth, Archer kept making him do it and eventually hooked him up to networked geth. I continued on, and find the VI core. I had to work on keeping the VI from uploading to the Normandy, and destroy the core. When I finally did, it turned out that David was hooked up inside it!


This is just so wrong. It was very upsetting to me to see this, and I was so glad that I had the option to save David and take him away from his awful brother. He deserves so much better, not to be used like a piece of machinery.

Next time, I’ll be playing through the last ME2 DLC I have left: Arrival!


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