Animal Crossing: New Leaf

While this game isn’t an old classic that I missed out on, I finally bought it with part of my paycheck from my new job! I’m very happy I did. I had started to get bored with Wild World. I felt like there wasn’t much else to do there. I was a little concerned that the same thing might happen with New Leaf eventually. I have to say though, if that does happen it won’t be for a long time. There is so much more to do than in Wild World, and all the stuff there was to do before has been made easier.

I love the fact that fruit is now stackable, which makes harvesting and selling fruit so much easier. Such a simple change made the game so convenient. There are more stores although you don’t start out with all of them. The gardening store just opened in my game. There is also a home improvement store, which allows you to buy things to change the way the outside of your house looks which is fun.

There is also a completely new place to go. There are islands to visit, and although it costs you 1,000 bells round trip it’s really easy to earn that back. From the islands, I brought back mangos, lychee, lemons, coconuts, bananas, and durian. I planted some and sold the rest, so it’s easy to make lots of money. On the island however they don’t use bells; instead you must earn medals by playing minigames. Most of them are pretty fun and there are items you can only get on the islands. For example, I got a wetsuit so now I can go freediving around my own town, which is a lot of fun! My favorite part of Animal Crossing is catching all the different animals and now there is a whole new way to do that in addition to the old bug catching and fishing.

Right now I’m working on expanding my house, getting public works projects going (which is another new feature of the game), and earning the design machine so I can make my own clothing patterns. Public works projects allow you to even customize your town a little bit. I love this game, because it contains all the old things I liked in addition to the new parts. The new parts are fun too and only add value to the game. It also still kept its ability to relax me and cheer me up after not so great days. I’m very glad I bought it, and I think it was worth every penny!

Expect blog posts to be a little less often, because working 2 jobs leaves me with less time to play and write. Thank you for reading!


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