1 Year Anniversary!

I realized today that I started this blog about a year ago! I had no idea that anybody would want to read it, and even though people have it was never important to me to get very popular. This was more a personal project and it just helps me stay committed to getting through games and remembering what happens in each game. I especially like to make note of my favorite moments in the games I play. I am so proud of myself for sticking with this for a year. I don’t usually stick to things like this, but I am determined to keep this going!

In the year that has passed, many things have changed for me. Many of them were things I would never have seen coming. Even though times have been tough, I know things will get better. When I started this blog, I was in a long-term committed relationship that I never thought would end. It was over by January of this year. While I was devastated at first, it really was for the best. I’ve grown so much from that, and in a way I’m so glad it happened. I really like who I have become.

I have also dealt and been dealing with illnesses in my family. I have to be strong for everyone, and that gets really difficult sometimes. While I myself am not ill and I know I am lucky to be healthy, it is so hard to stand by and see my loved ones suffer without being able to help.

I’ve taken my first steps into continuing my education, by taking the GRE and beginning to research schools. I started a job at about the same time I started this blog, and I just started another job this week. All the money I am saving up will go to returning to school. It’s not easy working 2 jobs, but I have a goal and I will accomplish it.

Through all of these things, video games have been there for me. They’ve gotten me through good times and bad. I always knew I liked gaming, but I had no idea how important it would become to me. It’s even at the point where I contribute semi-regularly to a bigger video game blog. (You can read my posts here). I really never saw that change coming!

I’m going to continue gaming and blogging. I have found they are both things I enjoy quite a bit. I’m so excited that there are still so many great games to play, and the blogging helps when I feel overwhelmed because I can look back and see all the games I have finished.

Thank you all for reading!


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