Mass Effect 2 DLC: Kasumi

This post will contain spoilers.

As part of a reward for starting a new job, I went and bought myself a bunch of Mass Effect 2 DLC. The Kasumi pack was one of them, along with The Lair of the Shadow Broker (which you can read about here) and Arrival. I know it may seem odd to play the Kasumi DLC after I already completed the Suicide Mission, but I heard it was fun so I did it anyway. The only thing I really didn’t like was how short it was! It was a lot of fun though, and I was glad I played it.

First, we had to go to the Citadel to meet Kasumi. There was a certain advertisement that I had to reply to with a password. Kasumi then started talking to me. I thought it was funny; she wants to be so secretive but here she is practically out in the open talking to me about her plans to steal something. Anyway she agreed to come work with me, but I had to go help her steal something back from Hock.

Hock is a rich man with all kinds of security, so we were going in with the pretense of attending a party he was throwing. Kasumi had papers for me to pretend I was a merc leader named Alison Gunn, and also a little black dress for me to wear.

Stylish Shepard.

Hock wouldn’t let Kasumi into the party, so I had to do a lot of the work to get us into the vault. It was basically a series of fetch quests to get in. I had to record Hock’s voice, figure out what word he needed to say, find DNA, and cut off power to a barrier. While wandering around the party, I was amused to hear people debating about if Shepard was alive or not.

My favorite of the fetch quests was the DNA one. I had to sneak over a railing, kill some guards, and sneak through a window all in a dress and heels. I have no idea how no one heard me shooting guards, or how the second guard wasn’t alerted when I used Shockwave to throw the first over a railing. Oh well, it made it easier for me. Once inside, Kasumi helped me search for DNA. I loved this part which happened when I searched the couch:

Shepard: “Aha!”

Kasumi: “Did you find some DNA?”

Shepard: “No, but I found a credit chit!”

Once we did everything we needed to do and made it into the vault, we easily located the graybox that had all the memories of Kasumi’s deceased partner. Of course, Hock knew we were there and sent guards after us.


Fortunately I had already had a chance to change back into my armor. We fought our way out of there, ending when Kasumi jumped onto a vehicle that Hock was flying, disabling the shields and allowing me to shoot him out of the sky.


We escaped with the graybox, and Kasumi went through it. Her partner was telling her to destroy the memories. Understandably, she didn’t want to do it. They were all she had left of him. But they were too dangerous to keep, so I did it for her. I think it was best, and now she can move on.

This all took me about an hour to play through, and I wish it had been a bit longer. But it was still a lot of fun, and I’m glad I played it. Next, I’ll play Arrival.


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