Mass Effect 2 DLC: Lair of the Shadow Broker

This post will contain spoilers.

Over the weekend, I finally took the time to figure out how to get some DLC for Mass Effect 2. It took a lot longer than it should have. I thought I already had The Lair of the Shadow Broker and Arrival, but it turns out it was just indicating that they were available for purchase. Since I have recently started another job I have a little more money to spend, so I gladly bought those two DLC packs. I was hoping that this one would be a little longer for how expensive it was.

I played the Lair of the Shadow Broker first and finished it in a couple of short sessions. All my training in Halo has transferred over to Mass Effect 2, so I was doing even better than I was before I played through all the Halo games.

I was so happy to see Liara again. I really related to her in the first Mass Effect game. As it turns out, she has changed quite a bit. I don’t really relate to her anymore which makes me a little sad, but she has fascinating character development. We set out to go rescue her friend, a drell named Feron.

First we had to find out where the Shadow Broker was. Liara left and told us to meet her at her apartment. Of course I knew something was going to happen to her. Sure enough, when we got there the place was cordoned off by a Spectre, and asari named Vela Tasir. Someone had tried to assassinate Liara, who was nowhere to be found. She had me look for clues because Liara wouldn’t just disappear like that and likely left a message for me. Vela Tasir was correct, and we figured out where Liara had gone.

Liara's apartment. She's got a nice place!
Liara’s apartment. She’s got a nice place!

We went to go find her in another building where she was meeting someone who could tell her where the Shadow Broker was. As we got there, the building started blowing up. Of course we rushed in to find Liara. Once we found her in there, she told us that Tasir was working with the Shadow Broker and had stolen the information that Liara needed. Tasir fled, leading to fun little sequence of a flying car chase. We caught up and had to fight her, and eventually we were victorious. She was pretty annoying to fight, because she kept teleporting around. I let Garrus and Liara focus on her, while I took care of incoming minor enemies.

With that done, we headed off to find the lair of the Shadow Broker. It was hidden in such an ingenious place I wasn’t surprised that no one had ever found it before. With Garrus and Liara, we fought our way over the top of the Shadow Broker’s ship and made our way inside.

Once inside, there were a few more skirmishes and finally we reached the Shadow Broker and found out what he is. He is a Yahg, and he had been taking from a pre-space flight civilization as a pet for the original Shadow Broker. He killed the Shadow Broker and took over. We ended up fighting him, and that was a tough fight. I learned quickly not to let him get near me, and when to run up and punch him. It was a fun but challenging fight. We took him out, and Liara became the new Shadow Broker! I think she can handle it, but I hope it doesn’t change her too much. At least we were able to save her friend, a drell named Feron. I got to talk to her for a while too, so that was nice.

She gave me a hug!

In the Shadow Broker’s lair, I also found dossiers on everyone on my squad. Here were some of the parts I found funny:

Poor Miranda getting pretentious messages on a dating website. I loved the user names.
Grunt looking up information on a bunch of things.
Legion is a gamer, and amazing at everything except the dating sim.

Next I might play the Arrival DLC, unless I decide to pick up the Kazumi DLC. Thanks for reading!


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