Halo 4

This post will contain spoilers.

I continued my playthrough of the Halo series, and yesterday I did something I’ve never done before. I finished a game in one day! And now I’ve also completed the Halo series. I’m happy I finished it, but a little sad too. All of the games were a lot of fun. I haven’t decided what to play next, but I’m looking forward to completing more games.

I’m getting more and more spoiled by newer graphics. When I first started playing, older graphics didn’t bother me. While playing through the Halo games, the improvements were very obvious and I know it’s going to be hard now to go back and play older games again.

While the game was short, it was a lot of fun. The armor mods were fun to play around with. I especially liked the thruster packs and the jet packs. The whole game also felt and looked smoother and better. My favorite weapon is still the Covenant carbine, but once again I haven’t specialized too much with any one thing and I could work with just about anything I was given. I am always happy to get my hands on a carbine though, and definitely get lots of headshots with it. My skills as a sniper have also improved. I have learned more of the patience required and I’m good at spotting where other snipers are hiding.

My favorite weapon in Halo, the Covenant carbine.

Fighting knights and watchers was a fun challenge. They were a nice change from fighting Flood and Covenant. The end of the game was a lot of fun too. The trench run was a lot of fun, and I don’t know if it was just me but the music during that part sounded a bit like the music from Star Wars. At first I kept crashing during that part, but I learned quickly and started doing better. The ending was quite sad as well. I wish we could have saved Cortana but there was no way.

I really enjoyed playing through the Halo series, and I will have to find out a way to play Halo 5 once it comes out!


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