This post will contain spoilers.

For the past month, I have blown through one Halo game each weekend! I finished playing through Halo ODST this past Sunday. Just like I continued the trend of playing through one game each weekend, the trend of me liking each Halo game I play more and more also continued.

ODST is quite different from the other Halo games. It’s a lot less linear, and the whole thing takes place in more of an urban setting. Also, you play as an ODST and not a Spartan. That means less armor and less protection. I used more strategy and sneakiness than I had in any other Halo game. Since there were buildings everywhere, at least there was more cover which helped make the lack of armor tolerable. It was a fun change, although I also enjoy playing as a Spartan.

Another difference is you don’t play with radar. Instead you have a visor, which gives you a sort of night vision and outlines enemies in red. I thought it was fun that you have to be a little more aware of your surroundings so nothing could sneak up on you, rather than being able to see on the radar that something was sneaking up on you. One minor annoyance I had was you had to turn the visor back on after every cutscene.

I also worked on my sniping skills, which was a lot of fun. I’d go find a perch in a building and snipe away. I had some great shots and I like sniping a lot more than I did before. I was also quite good at spotting where other snipers were, and taking them out before they could do anything.

The story was also told in flashbacks, showing what happened to other characters. In the beginning, you are a rookie ODST and get dropped to Earth, but you are separated from your team. You explore the city and look for clues about what happened to your teammates. Every time you find one, you then play as a different character and find out what happened to them. It got a little confusing sometimes, because once in a while I would forget who I was playing with. I was also quite thrilled that Buck was clearly modeled after and voiced by Nathan Fillion. He is one of my favorite actors, and I had no idea he was in this game. At the end, I also found out that two other teammates were voiced by Alan Tudyk and Adam Baldwin, who were actors on the show Firefly along with Nathan Fillion. Firefly is one of my favorite shows so it was fun to see them all back together, even though I really dislike Adam Baldwin.

Although ODST was quite different from the other Halo games, I really like those differences. But I am also happy to go back to how the other Halo games were when I play Halo 4 next!


3 thoughts on “Halo ODST”

  1. You have played through each story Bungie made while creating Halo. Next up with Halo 4 is what 343 has created. Knowing this is coming from two developers pay attention to the way each one worked on their games. This goes with visuals and the music.

    Even with this, I think the story of Halo 4 ranks right up there with the rest of the games. And I really can’t wait to see what you think of it, especially the ending.

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