Halo 2

This post will contain spoilers.

So, I’ve already blown through another Halo game. We started playing it on Saturday, and finished the game on Monday. I had a long weekend because of July 4th, so plenty of time for gaming.

Unfortunately the copy of Halo 2 we were able to find was not the anniversary edition. We had to deal with older graphics and even some annoying glitches once in a while that made it hard to see where we were going. After we were done playing, I saw what the updated graphics look like and the improvement was amazing!

Since we were still playing co-op, there was a difference in how the screen was split. It was split vertically rather than horizontally, which was really nice. However, I really did not care for the dual wielding. I would often forget to use the left one, because I am used to that button being used for throwing grenades. Once in a while I would dual wield for a while, then stop and forget that the left button was once again for throwing grenades. This resulted in me blowing myself up a couple of times because I would then throw a grenade instead of shooting the left gun at enemies that got close to me. It was also annoying that you drop your secondary gun every time you make a melee attack or switch weapons. Eventually I just stopped dual wielding completely, because I use melee attacks often. Even those were a little annoying to use, because the button was B instead of right bumper.

I also played for a while with my friend S instead of C. We definitely do not work together as well as C and I do. S is too used to playing alone, I think. I accidentally killed him a couple of times because he would get in my way just as I was going in to attack or shoot an enemy. We eventually got it together and started cooperating better, but I’d rather play with C.

The story once again captured my interest and made me want to learn more. I especially liked switching between Master Chief’s and the Arbiter’s points of view, even though it led to some very confusing moments! There were many times when we’d be playing through a part as the Arbiter, and I’d almost attack my allies because I am so used to attacking grunts, jackals, and elites. There was also a funny moment when we got some hunters as allies, and I almost had a heart attack and shot them when I went through some doors and saw them standing there!

Next, I’ll be playing through Halo 3. I’m excited for more!


One thought on “Halo 2”

  1. So glad to see you enjoyed this one, and are excited to go on.

    The duel wielding was praised in Halo, as it was new and a big improvement in the mechanics. This same thing also goes to the Battle Rifle, which is one of the most if not the most praised weapon in the series.

    I’m glad to see you enjoyed the switch between Chief and Arby, as that got a lot of flak at the time. I personally enjoyed it, and it was nice seeing both sides.

    The remastered version of Halo 2 only comes in the Master Chief Collection as far as I know. It is a huge leap in graphics, it also has remastered music and cut scenes.

    Enjoy Halo 3.

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