Halo Reach

This post will contain spoilers.

Last time, I said that I was playing through Halo Reach and would have a series on it. Well, I was wrong. My friend and I blasted through most of it over the weekend and finished it last night. A lot of it was fueled by some anger and stress about things going on in my life. I’m so glad my friend C was willing to play through it with me. It was a great way to get some of that out, and I’m feeling better now!

We completed the game on normal mode, and I was doing just fine with that. The only parts I really had trouble with were the flying vehicle parts, but I did eventually get a little better at that. I still prefer being on the ground, either using the DMR or Magnum for some range or the assault rifle or shotgun for closer enemies. Punching is always good too. We also used the option for a little celebration when we got headshots on grunts. I was getting them pretty regularly because my aim has improved so much!

That silly little thing made this rather depressing game more fun. I was sad each time we lost another squad member but especially Cat and George. And in the end when our characters died too was not so fun. Since C was player 1, his character was in all the cutscenes while mine wasn’t. However, at the end he died before me, so my character was shown making a final last stand and eventually falling. It was hard to watch, but I definitely want more Halo now. We are looking into getting the rest of the games so we can keep playing through them. I hope I find them soon, because I want more! Not only is it great stress relief, but I also want more of the story. Since this one was a prequel, I still don’t really know what happened after Halo 1!


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