Hello everyone! It’s been a little while since I’ve posted. I’ve been a little busy with real life stuff. I have still had time to play games though! In fact, I’ve been playing the first Halo game at my friend C’s house. We actually managed to finish it last night in co-op mode with normal difficulty.

C has been playing games for years, and is very good. He also has so many games, and he loves to introduce them to me and teach me how to play. I’m really lucky he is willing to teach me and is patient with me. He says I’m a fast learner and have improved so much. One of his other friends saw me playing for a bit, and even said I was a good shot. It was nice to hear, because I still think of myself as being really new and not being very good yet. We make a really good team, probably because he has experience and I have adaptability. With me still being relatively new, I don’t really have my own play style yet and just adapt to complement his. Since he usually likes to stay back and snipe, I would defend him from enemies that got close.

Having finished the first Halo game, I see why people like them so much. It was challenging without ever seeming impossible. The only parts I got really frustrated with were the parts when we had to fly vehicles. I wasn’t very good at that!

While it wasn’t as story-driven as I tend to like, I’m still left wanting to find out what happens next. We are planning to play Halo Reach next, and I’ll write more about that. I guess it’s prequel so technically I won’t find out what happens next, but I will still get to learn more about the Halo universe and that’s almost as good! I think it will take us a lot longer to get through, so it will likely be a series of posts.

Since I usually play on a PC, I also had to get used to the XBox controller. I think I’ve finally mastered the buttons and don’t have to look at them to know where A, B, X, and Y are. I have also figured out that for whatever reason, I need to have the Y-axis inverted. My friend C does too, so I thought it was pretty normal. However, I started asking around and way more people play with the default controls! It’s gotten me wondering why some people play inverted and others don’t. Maybe it’s just like being left-handed. Let me know if you play default or inverted in the comments! Thanks for reading!


3 thoughts on “Halo”

  1. I’ve always played default never inverted. Inverted I never could get use to lol.

    I love the Halo series it’s probably my third favorite series. The great thing about it is the story gets better as the games go along.

    This isn’t counting in the universe surrounding the series with books, movies, and other details around everything.

    Just looking stuff up you can find more out about characters, the worlds, enemies, everything really.

    It’s so fascinating to me lol, I can become a nerd when talking about Halo. I hope you enjoy the others that you get to play.

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    1. What are your first two favorite series? Unfortunately my friend only has reach but maybe if I bought more he’d play them with me. I’ll have to keep an eye out for them! Especially since we’re almost done with reach already.

      I have no idea why I play inverted. It doesn’t make sense but when I’ve got a controller in my hand that’s how I try to aim, so I just went with it!

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      1. My first two favorite series are Grand Theft Auto and Metal Gear Solid. I’d be lying if I said which one is my number 1 & 2. As I love them both, and have a great deal of respect for what each one has done within the gaming industry.

        Too we don’t know each other and live close. I’d play through the Halo game with you. I’ve recently went through them all again, with the exception of Combat Evolved, I’m half way through it.

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