Pokemon Soul Silver, part 13

This post will contain spoilers.

After two more tries, I finally beat the Elite Four! I spent some time getting my team up to level 45, and then I tried again. Having another level can really make a difference. However, on my first try I had trouble with Karen again. Her Umbreon just kept using Double Team which raises evasiveness, and it got to the point where no attack I made would hit it. That was very frustrating so I ended up switching off my DS and starting over.

The second time, things went a lot better. It was pretty uneventful. I would say overall I relied on Ampharos and Gardevoir the most, and second most was Gabite and Feraligatr. Rapidash and Noctowl weren’t too useful except as Pokemon to put out when I needed to heal someone else. That is still an important thing in it’s own way though! Without their indirect contribution, I wouldn’t have been able to do it.

I’m not sure I want to continue on to Kanto. I probably will at some point, but maybe I’ll take a little break from Pokemon first! I’m a little burned out on it. I don’t want to wait too long though. Maybe Fire Red should be next, because at least with Soul Silver I can play it on my 3DS but I can’t play Fire Red on the 3DS. Unfortunately though, my DS has started developing some dead pixels and they’ve spread a little bit over the weekend. So far it doesn’t really interfere with playing anything, but if at some point it does I won’t be able to play Fire Red.

Thanks for reading!


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