Pokemon Soul Silver, part 11

This post will contain spoilers.

After I beat the Blackthorn Gym and the Kimono Girls a while back, I was a bit stuck on what to do next. I had to look up some things and figured out I was supposed to go the the Whirl Islands to catch Lugia. I went there, and got so wrapped up in finding my way through the maze-like caves that I totally forgot I didn’t have many items on me. That included PokeBalls. I realized once I started actually fighting Lugia, but decided to try anyway. If it didn’t work out, I could always just turn it off and try again. After the fact, I realize that wouldn’t work because I saved right before I faced Lugia and I don’t think I could leave until I had done so.

It all worked out though. There were some suspenseful and frightening moments. I managed to paralyze Lugia and get its health into the red. Even so, it kept breaking out of the Ultra Balls I was using. I only had 5, and ran out quickly. I didn’t want to use my Master Ball on it, so I kept trying with other PokeBalls I had received from asking Kurt to turn Apricorns into PokeBalls. I figured Lugia was probably heavy, so I tried using Heavy Balls. I only had 5 of them as well, and finally one of them worked. I caught the legendary Lugia!

Next time, I really need to be more careful about checking my inventory. Next I need to face the Elite Four, but I would like to raise my Pokemon some more. I’ll continue to level them up, then I’ll take on the champions!

This is my current team:


You’ll notice Lugia isn’t on it. Since Lugia is psychic/flying type, it could replace my Gardevoir and Noctowl. I don’t know if I want to do that, because I’m attached to those two. Also if I got rid of those two, I would have one extra slot and I’m not sure who would fill it. I don’t think I have any other Pokemon at high enough levels, unless I want to grind even longer! I’ll keep trying to figure out what I should do.


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