Mass Effect 2, part 24: The Suicide Mission

This post will contain spoilers.

I finished Mass Effect 2. I was already enjoying the game a lot, but now I really love it. I can’t wait to play Mass Effect 3 next, because as much fun as 2 was it felt like a leadup to even more.

I had a lot of fun playing the suicide mission. There were lots of decisions I had to make, and I really did feel responsible for my crew’s lives. Fortunately, I guess I chose well when I was sending off team members for special missions. I chose Tali to escort the rescued ship crew back to the Normandy so that I knew she would survive. I chose Miranda to lead the second team and Legion to hack the doors. They all did really well.


I chose Garrus to lead a distraction force and Samara to protect us from the Collector swarms.


I really liked how varied each situation was. Each segment of the fight had its own unique challenges. We all made it through to the center of the Collector base. Once we were there, I took Legion and Garrus with me and left the rest to hold the doors. There were lots of Collectors to fight, but I’ve gotten so much better at playing that they weren’t too much of a problem.

We eventually made it to the very center of the Collector base, where we could overload the core and destroy the whole structure. The Illusive Man called me at this point, and tried to convince me not to destroy the whole thing after all. He claimed the technology might be useful. We might be able to use it against the reapers. I rejected him, and destroyed the base. Before that though, we had to fight this thing which will probably give me nightmares!


We took it down, and then hightailed it out of the base. Everyone made it back to the ship! I’m so happy I didn’t lose anyone. I had said before I would probably replay it if I lost anybody, but now I won’t have to. While it was fun, I don’t feel like I need to repeat the experience anytime soon!


The Illusive Man talked to me some more, and was quite angry with me for defying him. I really don’t care though. That technology was awful and shouldn’t be used by anybody. I felt pretty good about standing up to him. Now, I’ll have to play through Mass Effect 3 to see how my decisions will play out! Thanks for reading!


5 thoughts on “Mass Effect 2, part 24: The Suicide Mission”

  1. Congrats on not losing anyone, that is a big feat. My first time, I lost a few lol, mainly because I rushed at some parts.

    I enjoyed ready all these, and its nice to see all your decisions, and how everything turned out for you. Can’t wait to see how you play through number 3.

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    1. I’m so happy I didn’t lose anyone! There were a couple I would have been sad about but okay with losing, but if I had lost Garrus or Tali I would have replayed it. I’m so excited for me3! I really loved me2 a lot and I’m so happy I can continue.

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      1. Garrus is probably my favorite person who tags along. I couldn’t imagine losing him.

        A toast of cyber imaginary (What ever you like lol), to finishing ME2, and to whats going to come. Cheers!!!

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