Mass Effect 2, part 23: Legion’s Loyalty Mission

This post will contain spoilers.

I completed Legion’s loyalty mission during this session. The goal of the mission was to wipe out the heretic geth, who were trying to spread a virus that would turn all the geth into heretics. I loved learning  more about Legion and seeing more of the geth. I thought their ship looked really cool, and the sound effects while we were on the geth ship were so eerie and I loved that. Earlier while I was playing the layouts of different areas would feel a bit repetitive, but during this part I really felt like I was somewhere I had never been before.


As soon as we got on board, Legion told me there was another way to save the geth. Instead of wiping them all out, the virus could be rewritten to keep any geth from becoming heretics. Thane was with me, and he was against doing it because he said changing them like that was worse than killing them. It was an interesting thought, and I didn’t decide what to do either way until the last minute.


Legion told me if we cross the green lines, we would alert the geth. So I was careful not to, until we saw some geth hooked up to a hub and shot at them. Then they were alerted anyway, and we had to take them all down before we could move on. Most of the mission was like this, which was nice because I never felt ambushed.


Finally we reached the center of the geth ship, where Legion could either delete or alter the virus. First he had to transfer files though, and while that was going on we had to hold off all the geth who had been alerted to our presence. They had to come through a kind of maze, and we had a good angle on them from above and took them out pretty easily. When the time came, I chose to rewrite the virus. I got to ask some questions first though, and a question I had was actually addressed. I was concerned that the other geth could just rewrite the virus again, but Legion told me it wouldn’t be a problem. It does seem like a better option than killing all geth who had the virus.

The rewritten virus had to be sent out with a powerful signal, and that’s when Legion told me that we had better get off the ship before the signal went out because it would kill unshielded organics. We had 3 minutes to get out, and of course there were more geth to fight. I made it out with 44 seconds to spare.

Once back on the ship, Tali and Legion started fighting. Tali said that Legion was scanning her omnitool for information to send back to the geth. Fortunately, my paragon points were high enough that I resolved the situation without losing anyone’s loyalty. I was so happy, because I didn’t want another situation like with Miranda where it took me so long to win back her loyalty. I don’t have very long, because I think I’m almost done with this amazing game!

Next time, I’ll keep edging towards the end of the game.


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