Mass Effect 2, part 22: The Reaper IFF

This post will contain spoilers.

It’s been a little while since I posted, because I was letting myself relax after I took my test on Saturday. I don’t have the official score yet, but I’m quite happy with my preliminary score!

I finally jumped back into Mass Effect 2. As I guessed correctly, getting the Reaper IFF was a very stressful mission! I really don’t like fighting husks, and they were everywhere in this mission. I found that shooting their legs out from under them was helpful. Even though I was a little freaked out, I kept my cool. I’ve been a lot better about that lately, and I think it comes from getting used to it through playing. I had to fight my way through so many to get the reaper IFF. I was also excited to see Legion, finally! I already knew that a geth was going to join my team but I didn’t know when it was going to happen. Well, it just did.



We made it out of the abandoned reaper ship with the geth’s inactivated body. Miranda, Jacob, and I argued a little about what to do with it, and I decided we were going to keep it. I then made it clear that we were going to activate it, and I was going to talk to it. They weren’t too happy about that, but oh well.


Now here’s the part where I messed up. I went to the galaxy map, and got sent out in a shuttle leaving the ship behind. I then found myself playing as Joker, with the ship under attack and me trying to get to the AI core. I hadn’t activated Legion yet so I had to go back to a previous save, which unfortunately was about halfway through the mission to get the Reaper IFF. I had to play through it again, but at least it seemed a little easier the second time.

After I went through that again, I was careful not to go to the galaxy map. I went through the ship, making sure to talk to everyone. I then went and activated Legion. We talked about how the geth were divided, and it said it was on our side. In the game I accepted its help, but I doubt I would be as willing to in real life!

Next time, I’ll leave the Normandy to go on what I assume is Legion’s loyalty mission. So I’ll be playing as Joker trying to get to the AI core. He isn’t armed and can’t move quickly, so I’m guessing I’ll have to be sneaky!


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