Choose Your Difficulty Setting: Gatekeeping Culture & Being New to Games

Here is another piece I wrote for another blog. I hope you enjoy!


Mass Effect

If you read my first post on FemHype, you’ll know that I’m relatively new to the world of gaming. Even though I clearly enjoy playing and I’ve played several games at this point, I still hesitate to call myself a “gamer.” There are several reasons why, and most of them are related to the fact that I’m a woman who is new to gaming. I am lucky enough to be surrounded by friends who are all gamers and who encouraged me to get into them when I expressed interest. They are also willing to give me recommendations on what to play next.

However, sometimes it seems like they’ve been playing since they were born and have played so many more games than I have. Someone can bring up a game that I’ve never even heard of, and they’ll all know it and start talking about it in detail. How can…

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