Mass Effect 2, part 21: More DLC and Miranda

This post will contain spoilers.

This is going to be a very short post because I had a very short session.

I finished up the Firewalker DLC. Using the Hammerhead is so much fun! I like it a lot more than the Mako. This particular mission was pretty challenging. I had to leapfrog from rock to rock over acid while destroying geth! The goal was to find and scan the 5 artifacts, so it was a short but good mission.

Since I completed that, I now only have two assignments left: I need to get the Reaper IFF, and stop the collectors. My friends have told me that something goes wrong right about now. I know it has something to do with my crew being abducted, and I have a feeling it’s going to happen when we go to get the reaper IFF. I don’t want to start it now, because I already had enough stress today! Between being woken up by an earthquake and having to monitor my dog after he ate chocolate, I don’t need a super stressful mission too. Oh, and don’t worry about my dog – I think by now he’s going to be completely fine.

As you may know, I lost Miranda’s loyalty after siding with Jack when they were fighting. I’ve been trying since then to win her back. I was starting to think there was a glitch or something, but I went back to talk to her and finally got her back on my side! It really is a relief. I know it’s better to have everyone’s loyalty before the end, so I’m glad I have hers back. It’s about time!

Here are my current stats:


Next time, I plan on getting the reaper IFF. I think I’m close to the end, and I might even be finishing the game over the weekend. I’m so excited!



3 thoughts on “Mass Effect 2, part 21: More DLC and Miranda”

  1. Yes, what a relief, glad to see Miranda has came back to the good side lol. It took long enough for her to make that decision. I was also thinking you weren’t going to be able to do so. Congrats on that, and I can’t wait to see how the rest of the game goes.

    You wrote this blog, so I’m guessing your ok from the earthquake. Glad to hear that too 🙂


    1. Yes, I’m happy about Miranda too! And I’m excited to finish the game, but it probably won’t be for a while still. I’m taking the GRE on Saturday and I’ll be focusing on last minute studying for that this week.

      As for the earthquake, everything is fine! It really wasn’t a big one and they happen all the time where I live. It just isn’t a fun way to wake up lol

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