Mass Effect 2, part 20: More DLC

This post will contain spoilers.

I worked on the DLC called Firewalker. Each mission uses the Hammerhead, a vehicle similar to the Mako from the first game but more maneuverable.  I got the hang of driving it pretty quickly, and I had more fun with it than with the Mako.

First. I went to a frozen planet and had to collect data from sites there before the engines froze. I only got 9 out of 10, but that was good enough and I’m not going to bother to replay it. Cerberus is analyzing the data, and who know what they’ll do with it?

Next was a volcano planet. I had to get information on where two scientists had disappeared. I found the information, then had to get out before the volcano erupted. It was a fun but stressful mission!

The information led us to another site, protected by a forcefield. I had to destroy the generators and fight off some little geth rocket turrets, because the geth were also trying to find the scientists. They had recovered a Prothean artifact and I guess the geth wanted it too. Fortunately, we got it first!


The artifact was very large when we got to it, but conveniently shrank down so we could bring it with us!


That was it for missions I completed in this session. The rest of my time I spent talking to my crew. I’m getting very close to most of them, except for Miranda! I looked up how to regain her loyalty, and I should have enough paragon points. At this point I think it might be a bug, which is really unfortunate. I have no idea how to solve this issue, and I guess I’ll just have to keep playing and see what happens. I hope the consequences will not be too dire!


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