Mass Effect 2, part 19: Tali’s Loyalty Mission

This post will contain spoilers.

I completed Tali’s loyalty mission. It may be my favorite one. I had fun learning more about the quarians. Their situation reminds me of Battlestar Galactica, which I’ve been meaning to finish watching for a while! Fighting the geth to take back a ship for the quarians was also a lot of fun.

First, the point of the mission was to get Tali back to the Migrant Fleet so she could stand trial for treason. She had been sending geth parts back to her father, who was using them for some experiments on finding strategies effective against the geth. The ship he was working on had somehow been taken over by geth, and Tali was accused of treason for sending geth to her father. She was sure she had deactivated all of them, but no one knew how they had taken over the ship.

We went to the trial, and Tali found out her father was likely dead on the ship. No decision was made, and we were sent to try to take back the ship and also look for evidence of Tali’s innocence.


It was pretty straightforward. Of course I had Tali with me, and I had brought Garrus along as well. None of the fights gave me too much trouble. Poor Tali found her father’s body, and I comforted her. At this point, I was almost crying. I lost my father myself, although when I was very young so I hardly remember. I can only imagine how much worse it is to lose a parent when you are older and actually know them well.

We cleared all the geth and got the evidence we needed, except Tali begged me not to use it because it made her father look bad. I told her we would decide what to do at the trial.


They weren’t expecting us back at the trial because they didn’t expect us to survive. I gave a great speech about Tali and didn’t use the evidence. I wish I could speak that well in real life! They found Tali innocent, and we returned to the Normandy after I asked them not to go to war against the geth because we need their help against the reapers. I hope that actually will help!


I went back to the Normandy, and talked to all of my squadmates. Unfortunately despite all my paragon points, Miranda still won’t talk to me. I need to get her loyalty back! I also talked to Mordin, who wanted to talk so he could tell me that he doesn’t like me that way. I just kind of laughed, but I guess he thought I had a crush on him because I was coming to talk to him often! I also talked to Jacob, and it’s getting harder to choose the options that are not flirting with him. My friend warned me that if you end up with him, he cheats on you. Having too recently experienced that in real life, I do not want to have it happen in the game too!

I’m looking forward to finishing the game a lot more now, because I got Mass Effect 3! I found out about a deal to get the trilogy for $10 for PC, and it was the best deal I could find even though I already have the first two games. I’m not sure if I want to count it as old enough to blog about, but I’ll decide when I actually start playing it!


4 thoughts on “Mass Effect 2, part 19: Tali’s Loyalty Mission”

  1. Miranda sure is being stubborn. Hopefully you can sway her loyalty back.

    You are getting close to the end though. The game works in weird ways with the paragon and so on, more than I really understand.

    ME3 would be great for the blog. You’ve basically done the first two now. Why not the third? I’ve enjoyed reading, and seeing the choices you’ve made. Along with how the game effects you on a personal level.

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    1. Thanks! I wasn’t too sure about doing ME3 because it’s newer and I’m trying to stick to older games. But I guess it has already been out for several years and blogging about the games does help me keep track and remember what I’m doing.

      With the paragon thing, it might be the same kind of issue I had with Zaeed. I looked up how it was possible to gain his loyalty without letting the workers die, and you need either lots of paragon and few renegade points or vice versa. Maybe I have too many renegade points. If so, there’s no way to fix that. But I’ll keep trying!

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  2. This is an old post, and an old game, but I just finished the mission. I was looking at the scenario from the standpoint of a father that might be doing what I thought was best for my own daughter. I saw her reaction, and still went against her wishes because I would want my daughter to be free from my mistakes. I don’t typically take video games to heart, but this one really spoke to me. I’m pissed off that Shepard’s getting a raw deal from Tali because of it, but I still stand by my decision.

    The funny part about it all is that it now gives me pause to think about the decisions IRL I may make in life for my kids….

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