Mass Effect 2, part 18: DLC

This post will contain spoilers.

I had a pretty busy weekend and not much time to play, and the time I did I have I mostly spent figuring out how to access the DLC. The DLC came with the version of Mass Effect 2 that I bought, and also I’m doing everything I can to put off the ending!


I went and visited the crash site of the original Normandy. I had to find 20 dog tags belonging to dead crew members so they could be returned to their families. There were little cutscenes of the original Normandy and her crew. It was a short little mission, but full of memories.


I then went to get the Hammerhead vehicle. Again, it was a short little mission, but learning to fly the Hammerhead was pretty fun. Although with the amount of times I crashed it into rocks, we should all be dead!


Next, I went and found Zaeed. He just joined right up with us. However, he still had a job to do so we headed over there. We had to take back a refinery from the Blue Suns. It seemed straightforward at first, but then Zaeed had the idea to blow up the whole place to kill all the mercenaries including their leader. It turns out that Zaeed had helped found the Blue Suns, but Vido had turned everyone against him and taken it over. Well, I didn’t like that very much. There were still workers trapped inside the refinery. Sorry Zaeed, I know you had tracked Vido for 20 years, but I won’t let the innocent workers die just so you can get your revenge. We saved the refinery, but unfortunately Zaeed is not loyal to me. Oh well, it’s not worth it to me to replay the mission and let all the workers die.

I am frustrated with how I’m ending this session. Next time, I’ll finish up more DLC and hopefully also complete Tali’s loyalty mission.


3 thoughts on “Mass Effect 2, part 18: DLC”

    1. That’s exactly it! I couldn’t figure out why I didn’t care too much about not getting his loyalty, but I think you put it very well. He isn’t important and I barely know him. I’m not going to let innocent people die just so he can live out his revenge fantasy.

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