Mass Effect 2, part 17

This post will contain spoilers.

I didn’t do too much during this session. I finished up some assignments I had left over. I also spent some time talking to my squad, and I got to hear Mordin talk about how he used to sing. He even sang for me! This is another one of my favorite moments.

I spent some time exploring more systems that I haven’t been to yet, including the Skepsis system. The planets here are all named after famous biologists! I am hoping to be a famous biologist myself someday, so I liked this.


First, I took care of the Blood Pack base. It was a straightforward mission of shooting the Blood Pack mercs, making it to their power station, and blowing the whole place.

Next, I took out a Blue Suns base where they had a false distress signal to lure in unsuspecting ships. Once again, it was simple. Shoot the mercs, deactivate their signal, and leave.

I also found an anomaly on one of the planets I explored. Some batarians were threatening a human colony, and I had 5 minutes to stop their missiles from hitting the colony. I had to fight my way through to the missile controls and then deactivate the missiles. But plot twist! I could only stop one. I could either save the industrial part of the colony or the residential part. I decided to save the residential part, because I think the human lives were much more important!


The last assignment I had was to take out the Hadne-Kedar facility, which had been overrun by mechs infected with a virus. This was the most challenging of these three assignments, but also the most fun. I had to fight through a maze of mechs to get to the control room, where I could stop the production of the infected mechs.

I keep trying to talk to Miranda as well, but she won’t talk to me. I’ll just have to keep trying to see if anything will change. I would be surprised if the problem is that I don’t have enough Paragon points, because these are my current stats.


Next time, I will keep trying to win Miranda back over and take care of Tali’s loyalty mission!


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