Building Self-Confidence Through Video Games

I wrote a piece for another blog, and I’m putting it on my own blog too. Here it is!



Growing up, I was not allowed to play video games. My parents were very against them and claimed that playing video games would cause me to become violent and less intelligent. Their ban didn’t stop me, though. I found ways to play games anyway—such as having a secret Game Boy Color with a copy of Pokémon Blue I borrowed from my cousin. I also got very quick at switching tabs when playing games from Newgrounds on our desktop computer.

For so long, gaming was such a secret, forbidden thing I couldn’t let my parents find out about. It’s a little strange to be writing about it so openly now. I always thought it would be a secret and that I would never play any really big games like Mass Effect or Portal. I would hear friends talking about those games and not realize that I could actually play them too…

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2 thoughts on “Building Self-Confidence Through Video Games”

  1. I think gaming can be really important for most people, and I think keeping it a secret is a crying shame.

    Depending on how you look at it, games like Mass Effect and other epic RPGs (like Morrowind, Oblivion, Final Fantasy, and Skyrim) are more like interactive films. Sure there’s a gaming element, but the cut scenes and dialogue are what gives the game a backbone.

    From one gamer/blogger to another, you’re a credit to the community!


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