Mass Effect 2, part 16: Jack’s Loyalty Mission

This post will contain spoilers.

I did finish Jack’s loyalty mission, along with some other side missions.

For Jack’s mission, she wants to return to the facility where she grew up so she can blow it up. She was tortured and experimented on, which does explain why she is so misanthropic now. In fact, I’m surprised she isn’t worse!


It was a pretty straightforward mission at first, with us going through an abandoned and overgrown facility. We fought off some Varren. And then, we ran into Blood Pack mercs! Their leader threatened to kill us, so we killed him first. We then found the person who hired the mercs. A man named Aresh had hired him, because just like Jack he had lived at the facility and wanted to return.

We talked to him some more, and he wanted to rebuild the facility and resume experiments, “to unlock biotic potential”. I was asking him why he would want to do it, and he said that his suffering must have been for suffering. Jack wanted to kill him, but I didn’t let her. We told him to leave, and then we blew the place up.

We returned to the Normandy, and Jack and Miranda had a fight. Miranda wouldn’t admit to Jack that what Cerberus had done to her was wrong. I had to side with Jack on this one; what happened to Jack was very messed up, and even if it was a facility that had gone rogue, Cerberus should have been monitoring them better and put a stop to it. Why would they just let a facility stop reporting to them? That was irresponsible. But now, Miranda hates me and is no longer loyal. I hope there’s a way to regain her loyalty. I’ll have to work on that.

I also prevented the MSV Broken Arrow from crashing into a human colony. It had been taken over by geth, so I had to fight them off and restore power to the engines so the ship could be maneuvered away from the planet. It was a timed mission, and I always feel stressed watching the time tick down. I’m more used to it now, and handled it just fine.


I also took care of an anomaly I found while scanning planets. The geth had set up a climate change thing, and I stopped it and fought them off. Now we have it, and maybe it will be useful later? I’ll have to find out.


Next time, I’ll continue to finish off side missions and maybe finish Tali’s loyalty mission.


7 thoughts on “Mass Effect 2, part 16: Jack’s Loyalty Mission”

  1. I forgot that you would lose loyalty for choosing sides. I had Miranda loving me so I don’t think I lost it. Or I could be wrong, my memory is becoming blurred. This may mean another playthrough of the game haha.

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      1. Haha, I looked it up. You can get it back through dialog options with that character. That is if your paragon or renegade points are high enough.

        I don’t know about you, but after each mission I’d talk to my crew. So I’m guessing that’d be a way of doing it.

        Also if you lose loyalty, even if you gain it back. You want be able to romance that person. But I don’t think Miranda likes girls, although I’m not too sure.

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  2. I have some options that are grayed out, so maybe I don’t have high enough renegade/paragon points for them. I also talk to them after missions, so I’ll have to come back and try to talk to her. Maybe it will be different after I do another mission and come back? I haven’t been able to play much this week, but I’m planning to play soon and update tonight!


  3. Yea after another mission it should change, or at least I would thank it would. The grey areas mean that either one isn’t high enough.

    So your right, and you get the basic idea on what to do. Although in some cases it has to be almost to the top. But I personally haven’t ran into many.


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