Mass Effect 2, part 14: Jacob’s Loyalty Mission

This post will contain spoilers.

Now that I have finished Jacob’s loyalty mission, I only have Tali’s, Jack’s, and Samara’s left to do. I feel like the end of the game is coming up way too quickly! I still need to recruit one more person too. Unfortunately I had it spoiled for me that the last member of my team is a geth, but I have no idea how that would come about so I’m still excited for that mission.


So, Jacob’s loyalty mission. It was certainly an interesting situation and story, but I felt gross afterwards. Jacob was trying to find his father, whose ship crashed 10 years ago. He had been presumed dead, but someone slipped Jacob information that suggested he was still alive.

Jacob and I confront his father.

He was indeed still alive, living on the planet where he crashed. Eating food from this planet causes neurological issues, so he kept all the food for himself and the other officers. Okay, that is justifiable. They would have to keep their minds sharp to fix their beacon and get help. But why did it take 10 years?

Because Jacob’s father started enjoying himself too much. He kicked out all of the male crew members, and the female crew members were “assigned” to the officers to do whatever they wanted. Then the other officers died, probably killed by Jacob’s father, and then he had all the female crew members for himself. I feel so gross just thinking about that. I had Jacob’s father arrested and he will be put on trial for his crimes. I’m glad we could bring him to justice, and hopefully the surviving crew members will recover.

I’ll probably do Samara’s mission next, since I ended up at Omega looking for more upgrades to buy. I hope this next mission won’t be as distressing to me as this one was.


3 thoughts on “Mass Effect 2, part 14: Jacob’s Loyalty Mission”

  1. I always found this mission to be really interesting, even with how messed up it can be. It really shows how a once good person can change in a bad situation.

    It makes me feel bad for Jacob overall. I really couldn’t fathom seeing one of my parents turning into that.

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