Mass Effect 2, part 13

This post will contain spoilers.

I went back to the Citadel next, to complete Garrus’s and Thane’s loyalty missions. I did Garrus’s first, just because he’d been around longer than Thane. I brought him and Tali with me for it, for old times’ sake. At one point Tali said something like “Do you remember this, Shepard? This is near where we first met.” I haven’t really been too interested in romancing anybody so far, but Tali had me looking up if I can romance her. Too bad I can’t, because I’m playing as female. Oh well. I had it spoiled for me that she gets together with Garrus if they both remain single, so I think I’ll just let that happen. They’ll be cute together.

Garrus’s mission was longer than I thought it would be. He wanted to track down Sidonis, a former mercenary who worked with Garrus and got Garrus’s troop killed. First we had to track someone down, then go and fight through a warehouse. There were lots of LOKI mechs and YMIR mechs, so I ended up being very glad to have Tali along with us! Finally we got to the Fade, who is Harkin from the first game.  He got Sidonis to meet us somewhere.

I went to go talk to Sidonis, and Garrus was hidden with his sniper rifle ready to kill Sidonis. I didn’t let him. It seemed wrong, and I didn’t want to look suspicious because I’m sure it would get out that I had been talking to someone while they were assassinated. Anyway, Garrus now trusts me.


Thane’s mission was short, and didn’t involve any fighting! He is searching for his son, who is attempting to become an assassin and is somewhere in the Citadel. We had to track a couple of people down, and eventually found the guy who hired Thane’s son. We were interrogating him, and of course I end up threatening him right when his lawyer walks in. I look great now! We finally got the information, and started following the target.

I failed the mission the first time. I didn’t go into the room where Thane’s son was hiding. I looked it up, then tried again and was successful. Thane talked his son out of becoming an assassin, and now trusts me.


I was very amused at the name of the achievement for completing this mission. It’s a reference to this song.


I’ll continue to work on all the loyalty missions. I still have the Jack, Jacob, Samara, and Tali missions.


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