Mass Effect 2, part 12

This post will contain spoilers.

I had a lot of time to play this weekend, and I enjoyed it a lot! I continued to explore planets, get resources, and upgrade everything I could. I also shut down a rogue VI in short assignment I came across. The mission reminded me of Portal, which was cool! Portal and Portal 2 were the first two games I really played and enjoyed. They made me realize that I wanted to play more games.


I also finally recruited Tali. There were lots of Geth to fight through, and since I was in a fighting mood I had a lot of fun. As I was getting near to where she was hiding from the Geth, I found a journal entry she made. In it, she stated that she found this area to be beautiful and that she wished I was there with her to see it. I thought that was so sweet!

I also found the one remaining quarian who was still protecting her. I made sure he stayed safe and survived the mission, earning me some more paragon points. I have kept up my mostly paragon and occasionally renegade attitude. As I explained to a friend, it’s helping me in real life because although I’m mostly nice, sometimes I need to be a little less nice. I don’t let people walk all over me as much as I used to.

I thought his armor looked really cool.
I thought his armor looked really cool.

Obviously I managed to save Tali and she joined my team. It’s nice to have her back. I have already brought her with me and she’s been very useful. She works well with my vanguard Shepard. She came with me on Garrus’s loyalty mission, which I have also completed but will write about in a separate post.

Here are my current stats.



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