Mass Effect 2, part 9

This post will contain spoilers.

I finally got to play some more Mass Effect 2! Like I was hoping to do, I made it to Tuchanka. I completed the mission to help Grunt. It was a fun mission. I got to talk a lot, which is what I felt like at first. Then at about the same time I started feeling like shooting things, that’s exactly what I got to do!

Tuchanka was not a very pleasant place, and filled with many not so pleasant Krogan. I helped them defend their food stores from pyjacks in a silly, fun minigame and talked to many of the Krogan. I also got to talk to Wrex! He’s got his own clan now, and is leaving Krogan traditions. This is obviously upsetting some of his clan members.


We went to go talk to the shaman of the clan so that Grunt could complete his rite of passage. This was another thing which caused a stir, because Grunt was artificially created. I’ll never understand why artificial is always considered bad and natural is considered good. I see this all the time in real life too. Shoes are artificial, but are clearly a good thing. Diseases are natural but are clearly bad things. I was going to make sure that Grunt would be allowed to complete his rite, because there is nothing bad about him being artificial. Because I was so annoyed about the artificial vs. natural thing, I took the renegade option and headbutted the Krogan who was against it to show my dominance. That was hilarious and I would do it every time! He was being a huge jerk.


I took Samara along to help Grunt and me. She and Grunt work well together, with her holding enemies and Grunt shooting them. We had to survive several waves of enemies of increasing difficulties. The final one required us to survive attacks by an armored thresher maw for five minutes. That was stressful! It was hard to find cover, and when I did the thresher maw would just pop up somewhere else and attack me or destroy my cover. We were attacking it the whole time, and brought it down before the five minutes were up so the rite ended early. The jerk from before was impressed, but still upset about Grunt being “artificial” and he attacked us. We brought him down and Grunt was welcomed into the Urdnot clan. Everyone else was very pleased about us bringing down the thresher maw!

Grunt trusts me now, and has the extra ability unlocked. Next time I play, I plan on finishing the other couple of missions on Tuchanka, including a mission for Mordin. I’m looking forward to it!


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