Mass Effect 2, part 8

This post will contain spoilers.

I successfully recruited Thane! It took a while to fight my way to him, but that’s fine. I was definitely in a shooting mood, so it was perfect! I brought Samara and Grunt with me, and the two of them together might be the most effective team I’ve used so far.

ThaneĀ seems like a really cool character. My friend was telling me about how cool he is, and I think I agree with her! I was actually a little surprised he was an alien though. I was expecting a human. I don’t know why. It’s sad that he is dying too. I wonder if there will be some way to help him? If anyone could help him, Cerberus probably could. I guess I’ll have to find out.

I was wondering too if I would have a chance to stop him from killing Nassana, but as I fought my way towards her and learned more about her I stopped caring. Good thing too, because I don’t think I had the option of saving her. Thane dropping in and killing her and all her guards in seconds was really cool!

I’m doing a little better getting Paragon points instead of Renegade points. I just have to pay a little more attention to how certain things would sound when Shepard says them. Here are my current stats:


I did some smaller missions as well, mostly helping Liara with her spying. I figured out who the Observer was. I’m glad I can help her out, and I still miss having her on my team!

I also helped Miranda save her sister. I was surprised that they weren’t the same age, but it makes sense. I still helped her. I’m such a sucker for sisters helping each other, maybe because I have four of my own and we’re all pretty close! Miranda now trusts me and got the Slam ability.

Next, I’m planning to head to Tuchanka so I can help Mordin and Grunt with their missions.


6 thoughts on “Mass Effect 2, part 8”

  1. Thane is a cool character, I enjoyed my time with him. I don’t want to spoil anything though. Mainly because it has seemed to slip my mind lol, I’ve got to many stories in my mind.

    You’ve got some good times ahead of you though. I can’t wait to see how Tuchanka goes. Its one of the interesting parts for me, I’ve always enjoyed that part for both characters.

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  2. In really appreciate you not spoiling anything! I’ve somehow managed to avoid a lot of spoilers and I really don’t know what to expect for most of the game. I don’t know how I’ve managed it, but I’m happy I have.

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