Mass Effect 2, part 7

This post will contain spoilers.

After looking at all my options, I decided to go to Ilium because I had so many quests to complete there. I had to recruit the Justicar and the Assassin as well as help Miranda’s sister and her family relocate.

Welcome to Ilium!
Welcome to Ilium!

When I first got to Ilium, there was a lot of dialog. This was fine with me, because sometimes I feel more like shooting things and other times I feel like listening and learning about different things in the game. Tonight was more of a listening and learning night. For a change, I brought Mordin and Grunt with me. I talked to an Asari, who gave me a message from the Rachni queen. It’s nice to see a decision from the first game continuing into the second!

An Asari giving me the message from the Rachni queen.
An Asari giving me the message from the Rachni queen.

I also had to go find and talk to Liara. I missed her so it was nice to see her again! By talking to her, I found out where to go to find the Justicar and the Assassin and also got a little side quest to do. I completed the side quest, and then went on to look for the two potential recruits.


I ended up talking to someone about the Assassin first, but it sounded like it was going to require a lot of fighting and like I said, I’m not feeling like fighting tonight. I then continued to look for the Justicar, and since that one sounded like more talking and less fighting I went for it. However, it actually did require lots of fighting Eclipse mercenaries. Oh well. It wasn’t too bad. I used the particle beam, which at this point seems really overpowered but it made the fights really easy.

I ran into Conrad Verner from the first game, and he was being a real jerk and saying he was acting like me. It kind of hurt! I don’t think I’m that much of a jerk! I’m only mean when I have to be. Is this what people think of me? Ouch.

Conrad Verner
Conrad Verner

I mentioned before that I have been getting more Renegade points than I used to. The choices between what’s Renegade and what is Paragon is not as obvious to me as it was in the first game. Maybe I am a jerk! I’m still overwhelmingly Paragon though, so I don’t mind too much. If my Renegade points start catching up, I’ll have to be more careful!

I got the Justicar to join my team, and I look forward to seeing what she can do! Next time I plan on recruiting the Assassin.


4 thoughts on “Mass Effect 2, part 7”

  1. The Justicar, is one of my least favorite. Not that she is bad, I guess its more of an issue of her being under written of sorts. She really never stuck out to me like everyone else did. She does come in handy though which is nice.

    Maybe the pc is different than the other versions? I never had a problem with being mean like some :P. I did have that problem in the first game, I ended up being the jerk, and I tried so hard not to be.


    1. Awww that’s disappointing. From everything I know about her she seems really cool so far. I love the whole monk thing and the fact that she’s on her own mission but is going to help me for a while.

      I have no idea if the PC version is different either, but sometimes I’ll choose a dialog option that sounds fine but then Shepard will end up saying it very threateningly and then I get Renegade points.

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